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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

While Merlin Naps

I remember that day that I saw his face on the Animal Shelter website and called and asked if he was still there. And they said Yes.
Merlin, my magical cat.
He can, with just some purring and a snuggle or two, relieve heartaches, make tears disappear and help a person sleep .
I cry sometimes at the sweetness of him.
Minette even likes him now. If he is napping in a room, you can bet she is nearby.
They are a sweet odd little couple.
And now I have moms cat, Honey.
Honey cannot be overlooked, Honey cannot be missed. Honey weighs as much as I do.
But inside that large cat body is a tiny voiced kitten with a big heart, who lost her mama and now she is settling in and getting adjusted to being in a new home, with a new mama and a brother and sister!
Everyone is allowed to sleep on mamas bed. Everyone is allowed to eat in the kitchen or out on the screened porch . But everyone has to behave. Love each other.
And don't be too noisy ...

While Merlin naps ...


When I pick Honey  up, she has gained a nice amount of weight .. oh my back ! lol and I whisper little love words in her ear, she purrs and purrs.
Now, when I walk over to her and ask her how she is, she purrs and purrs.
Minette is requiring extra attention, she is still a baby and is jealous .. of that interloper !!
Merlin squints and wonders if he has met that cat before.
Then he goes back to sleep.

All is well... they especially love the garden room, where they can nap and dream that they are free , out in the woods and safe.


  1. I'm happy to learn the three kitties are each getting more comfortable
    with their new blended family.
    It takes some time for the pecking-order to be established and then by some little miracle, all's well with the world.
    Sweet kitties.

  2. Dearest Candice,
    Our Barty is just like Merlin, such a tender sweet boy that I too fell in love with from the photo of our local Animal Shelter. He fell in love with me, the minute I picked him up. After coming home from surgery in the hospital he was there, next to me as a sweet and soft nurse when I was in pain... He knows, he can comfort and often I think they are some person inside a cat's body! Mysterious critters but oh so loving. What will we do without them?
    So happy that Honey at least is inside a home with love and care. Regardless the transitional time, she is being loved and cared for! Imagine her having to end up at an Animal Shelter; like so many pets do end up...

    PS but honey does not weigh as much as you do...!

  3. lol, you haven't tried to pick up Honey !

  4. Yesterday we lost our 14 1/2 year old cat Nick. Cherish every moment with your kitties. Merlin sounds like a dream. So glad he and minette havd grown to be good friends.

    orangetravelcat from Fodors

  5. Oh, orangetravelcat, I am so sorry,what a sad time for you.
    Big hugs


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