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Monday, June 27, 2016

How Does Your Garden Grow ?

I read various blogs and see their gardens and flowers that they planted that are huge and wonderful and I think they must have some green thumbs !
Then I think about the gardens I had in NY.
Definitely the product of a line of green thumbs, I was just the caretaker for a couple of years.
Now I am living in a condo in Florida.
It is a Townhouse so I have a room at the back, that is all screened. with concrete floors.
Perfect for putting plants in. The cats hang out there during the day, they tell me plants would be a nice touch.. maybe even a bit of shade in the afternoon ... perhaps I would consider a plant of cat mint or something .

So today I am going to wander around a Garden Center and see what appeals to me, what might make a good patio garden addition. And will not poison a cat.

On my front step is a huge plant given to me by my daughter .. I don't know the name of it.
It has massive dark green leaves and a long stem comes out with a white lily looking flower. Very waxy.
I put it on the front step when I caught a cat nibbling on it.
So there is a chance that the plants in my house might either hang off ceilings or be made of plastic.
~ sigh ~

Any advice, any tips, suggestions, comments, flower ladies, flower guys, please do post it here.

Across  the street. Every house has one of these trees but I get the view of the best one !


  1. That tree is a crape myrtle. Having retired to Florida from Upstate NY, I have had a bit of a struggle with gardening down here. It is very different. You are a couple hours north of me, however, so you are probably in a different growing zone. If you are doing container gardening, it will probably be easier, depending on how large your pots are. I actually have a Stella d"Ora day lily growing in a pot on our lenai and it is doing well in that controlled environment with enriched soil. We also have potted birds of paradise in big pots that are doing great, and an interested flowering plant called desert rose (adenium) that does well in a pot.

  2. Yes, it is ... the entire street was planted with them .. so very pretty. You can tell how new our area is by the size of the tree :)
    I am only doing container gardening,.. I have seen adenomas, they are lovely ! I will have to look for one .. if the flowers don't tempt cats ... sigh.
    So far the things I have planted are happy so I am encouraged to have more ..
    Big change in scenery, no ? NY State to FL ... one that I am totally enjoying !

  3. Beautiful place to live! Very happy for you.

    Weekender aka Phil

  4. I think the plant you are asking about is a Peace Lily (spathiphyllum). They are like cast iron! They are mildly toxic to cats causing oral pain among other things so I'd think that one taste would be enough but I'm not sure.

  5. Yes ! Sandy that is exactly what the plant is ! :)
    You are good ! lol
    Glad it is hardy. I love it and it got so big already. I will keep it outside my front door where the cats will never be.


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