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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Houses Books and Friendship

On a dreary grey day with rain now and then and two sleeping cats and one very fussy young cat, I woke a bit blue and a bit sorry for myself.

Yesterday my daughter took me with her house looking.
I have "a thing" for the Arts and Crafts period , the design .. of everything.
And the homes built back in those days have this sturdy yet classic look to them. I have many things that were handed down to me by my great grandmother and grandparents, that come from those times. They are my Treasures.

So imagine my delight when we drove through this newly built neighborhood of homes that are all different styles, some very large and grand and some cottage-like.
I must have been an architect in a previous life ... I can do this all the time, look at homes , interiors, gardens, everything.

We went by some homes that have just been built, by someone my daughter knows.
And I fell in love.

A small Arts and Crafts bungalow .. enough rooms for me with room for company .. A fireplace that is lovely, with the tiles (surround)  being set in the correct style for the house ..
A sturdy square little house with modern bathrooms and kitchen but still very much Arts and Crafts.
I could imagine my treasures here and there in those rooms.

It was a great day, I hated to go home, sure the cats are thrilled to see me, the area is beautiful, the neighbors are quiet but while it is home to me... I don't really feel At Home.
I want that little house.

Today I have been looking at my things, handed down from my great grandmother, imagining them in the rooms of that little house. It would be as if Time stood still. Which can be a good thing sometimes.

It is starting to rain, it is a dreary day but I am keeping busy with cats   and magazines .. I need a new book .. when I remembered the mail. I forgot to check the mail !

There was a package !! No one mentioned a package ( not that I remember ) .. how exciting !
I scurried home, full of anticipation, curiosity , who sent me something ? what can it be ?
Then I put on my glasses and looked at the return address.
The card is a photo of 2 sleeping cats ... (this person knows me well) and inside is a sweet note , what a lovely lovely surprise .. a girl that I know from the internet ( my blog) sent me a book . . a Mystery ... just what I love .

I send lots of Love to you A ... I send great big Thank You hugs and someday maybe we will get to sit down and have coffee/tea and chat in person.. about our love of books, mysteries and how friendships can start from the smallest seed and grow.


  1. How exciting.
    Maybe it's something you could work out...
    The house sounds wonderful, and cozy.

  2. What a wonderful treat. Books are the best gifts, I think.

  3. Maybe you can purchase one of these lovely houses. Sounds like you found the ideal house for you with old charm but new.

  4. I am from a long line of book lovers and books as gifts have always been fine with us :)

    Raz ..I am considering it ... I am considering a few ideas concerning houses etc. it is fun to have options.

  5. It sounds like a lovely day. I also love looking at houses and interiors. Let us know if that mystery is a good one.

  6. I hope you are enjoying the book.

  7. Dormouse, I have no doubt I will enjoy it . It is just my kinda mystery :)

  8. Sounds like just the "ticket" for you & the kitties- !!
    Love you bunches,


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