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Sunday, May 29, 2016


Just a quickie to show you how Honey is doing here with us.
She might be what you would call a Big Girl but she has the heart and brain of a wee kitten.
She isn't very old at all, just large.
She is just as sweet as she can be and I try not to think she mourns or misses my/ our Mom but there are times I see her looking at a door or out a window and wonder if she is waiting for someone who is not coming back.

I have to keep her in her own room at night which is very sad to me because I know she slept with Mom but she attacks Minette and Merlin.
Merlin would not know what hit him, Minette would fight but get the short end of that stick !

So she sleeps on a big double bed with lots of pillows in her own room ... just until she adjusts.
Until we all adjust.

Sunday here is like most days for me but I was considering going to a mall. Sephora . DSW.
lunch with a certain daughter ... then again, I could make something here and we can sit out on the lanai ( I wish I could just call it a porch) and hang out.
That sounds like a Plan.

Have a good Sunday !
Lazy Day Honey


Rosemary said...

It is lovely that you have adopted your Mum's cat and are taking care of her. I expect in time the other cats will accept her. She has got a beautifully defined nose.

NotesFromAbroad said...

Thank you :)
She actually has a tiny sweet little cat nose but that big dark marking makes her look like she has a .

Poppy Q said...

She does look like a honey, and it is wonderful that you have taken her on. I am sure things will settle down soon with her and your two.

Anonymous said...

It isn't always easy to introduce a new cat but, you seem to be doing quite well. I'm sure that Honey is mourning and confused. Her whole world and the person she loved is gone. You did the best thing.

MyriamC said...

Honey is lucky to have you as her new mum.

NotesFromAbroad said...

I am not giving up on Honey and she will stay with us as it must have been Meant To Be.
We will just not be as relaxed as we were, for a while I hope .. then we will all be relaxed together.

Linda said...

What a gorgeous cat! :)

NotesFromAbroad said...

Thank you Linda :) She is a huge sweet soft lovee .

Rafe's Hotel said...

So crossing my fingers for you. I inherited a cat due to a death, and unfortunately, he now has to live in my bedroom. It is not a good solution for him or my others, but the only one, as he attacks the other feline residents -- not just at bedtime, but any time. So, I'm looking for a good forever home for him. Not implying that that is what will happen for you, however; this poor cat had had a rough time (he was a rescue to begin with). I know plenty of people who have taken in mature cats and everything has worked just fine. You've been through a lot and so has she, so -- onward. Mary

NotesFromAbroad said...

Mary, Honey is now mine. We are bonded and the other two have adjusted pretty well. Minette is still so young, but she was caught napping next to Honey.
I have high hopes .. just no more kittens , please ! or cats ... maybe someday a dog but for now, my little family is complete.

Honey was my moms cat and I know she spoiled her rotten and loved her to death. Out of love for my mom, I will always keep and love and look after Honey.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Candice,
Oh, animals do mourn that is for sure!
They have a soul and often are a lot more sensitive than a bunch of people without any conscious.
Love her big eyes, looking like she used eye liner on them; so beautiful and they make you get drowned into them... Indeed, what goes on in their little heads?
Hope they all three will get along one day and that would make Honey feel more loved, when sleeping together and cuddling up to you.
Sending you hugs,

Rafe's Hotel said...

Hi, Candice - I didn't mean to imply that you should consider not keeping Honey - for sure, she is yours. And thank heavens Minette is young and beginning to bond with her too. I wish my situation were that promising. I'm looking for a forever home for Louie only because he is leaving me no choice; he's a very sweet fellow with a lot to offer, and I'd love to keep him. Just not at the peril of the other residents here (so I'm pea-green with envy of your situation in that sense).

Not sure I expressed my condolences on your mother's death -- I am so sorry. Hope that as you settle in, your new life will run more smoothly. Think you definitely due some bright days. Mary

NotesFromAbroad said...

Mariette . She does have a wonderful expressive face and as big as she is. The sweetest little meow,
Everyone is settling in time. ThT is usuLly what works.. Just give it time.

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