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Sunday, May 15, 2016


Honey takes a nap.
You don't have to see all of her to get the idea .. Honey is a big girl.
Every inch of her is soft and velvety and squishy and she is ridiculously sweet.
Her legs are too short and she has one clipped ear and that spot on her nose makes her nose look big.
She is comical and sweet and now she is mine.
Minette and Merlin have mixed emotions.
Merlin is always surprised when he sees her ... where did she come from ??
Minette is always annoyed when she sees her ... she's still here ??

But they are adjusting .. we all are adjusting ...  naps are good for that , I hear.


  1. Honey is precious. Can you imagine if everyone rescued just one or two animals the shelters would be empty. Will you be posting pictures of your townhouse? The very best to you and your kitties.

  2. She really is . I wish people would do that .. I have adopted purebreds so if that is what rules a persons source of where a pet comes from or how posh the pet is ... that is no excuse. My sweet Merlin is a Himalayan and Minnet is a Russian Blue - both adopted.

  3. Honey is a beautiful big girl, it looks like she has been spoiled living with your dear mom...
    I'm happy to know the other cats are getting along with her, and thank you for giving her a home :)

  4. So glad you took Honey. It breaks my heart when I see animals who've been dumped at shelters because they're too old or their people couldn't take care of them or whatever.
    If she's been very overfed (looks like, as you say), you might try feeding them separately and gradually reducing her portions. But you've likely thought about that. Good luck.

  5. Emm .. I would have given her to another person, never a shelter but the truth is, she was my moms cat, how could I do that ? She has settled in well... right now, she is trying to figure out how to get in my lap :)
    I feed the cats together, but with Honey added to the mix, mine get cranky so she is eating alone right now .. this is the only part that is difficult, getting the 2 cats that live here to accept her.
    Merlin isn't speaking to me.

  6. Honey looks like my Japetto. Well actually he was my DD's cat which we inherited when she went overseas. We got Jamimah too. Our own Ginge cat was not impressed and chased Japetto away. He was gone for nearly three months but must have been close by. One day he just turned up in our bedroom. He was very skinny and no longer proved a threat to Ginge. We had to feed Jamimah separating just so I could make sure she got enough to eat,

    Good luck with getting all three cats adjusting to each other. Honey does look cuddly!!. I hope Minette stops being annoyed soon. Merlin is just a sweet. I love Himalayan cats.


  7. She's lovely! I think they will all settle soon - although Millie has never accepted Bib, after 4 years she still chases and terrorises the little one. That's the only problem we had though.

  8. I noticed today that my two are being very peaceful together in the same room.
    I am glad ... I love them both and want them both to be happy.

  9. Dearest Candice,
    You are hilarious in introducing Honey and the way you describe Merlin's and Minette's feelings about her presence!
    It will work out; we got a mini Honey (not as heavy but she sure is FAT!) and she is mighty sweet and comical too and quite an athlete still, even with her fat belly and short legs. But our Speckie gets along fine with the other five. As long as they all get TLC (Tender Love and Care) they give back ten-fold and we enjoy them.
    Sending you hugs and blessings,

  10. I woke to Minette trying to chase Honey out of the bedroom and Merlin just very quietly and softly tip toeing out of the room and down the stairs to the kitchen.
    He has his priorities .. no fighting/breakfast.
    Honey is just a sweetheart but she won't put up with nonsense from Minette.
    Minette will learn.


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