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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Working and Worrying

As I work and unpack and worry and relax and marvel at the skies here and the occasional delight of a hummingbird saying hello and the flowers everywhere and the skies ! and those clouds !! and the quiet at night is like the quiet up North where there were only woods behind me there too.
But this quiet is not as dense, as solid ... here there is always a far away noise, not anything you would notice unless you were trying to hear something ... but it makes me feel less like the only person on the planet.

The cats are perfect. Minette is her old self .. a sweet little girl who puts up with those 2 old boys. She knows no fear. She is such a Good Little Girl .. I want to be like her.
Merlin will just nap and have a bite to eat and maybe find a new spot to nap .. he is not averse to being in Mama's lap while she watches tv and strokes his back and scratches his chin .. he is just as happy sleeping next to her too. He is a Good Boy ... he soothes my heart.

And now there is Honey.
Honey would  horrify some people. Her size. She is huge. Heavy. Like dog heavy, child heavy .. not cat heavy. But there she is .. this comical looking gigantic girl with black and white markings, one being by her nose so it looks like her mustache is on crooked.
She loves to be picked up and babied and snuggled.
She is doing my back no favors but my arm muscles are improving.
And so is my heart.
The terrible break might be healing a bit. My nerves are terrible but that is because I am still so unsure of myself and tend to worry about Every Single Thing that there can be to worry about.
The people In The Know tell me there is nothing to worry about.
I try .. I try so hard to just relax and remember that.
But I worry.
I have to go get my Florida drivers license.
I can't even think about that.

Buenos Aires is nice. We never needed a car.
Honey would like Buenos Aires. So would Minette and Merlin.

Another storm is coming along.
My mom used to tell me not to watch tv when we had those Carolina thunder and lightening storms. Maybe I shouldn't use the computer either ... hmmm.

Merlin ... not worrying.


  1. Aww! That is so sweet! I am so sorry about your mother's passing, these things are so hard. I also have three kitties and the third was a surprise to us. Thinking of you.

  2. I'm happy to know that you are close by to your daughter, and you have the companionship of your cats.
    I lost my mum last year, and out of the blue I go to pick up the telephone to call her, and then it hits me.
    Stay close to your daughter and enjoy your new surroundings, and home.
    Memories of your dear mom, will keep you strong.

  3. Dearest Candice,
    Sure, the time feels still rather raw, after your Mother's passing and that is quite normal.
    But you are in a very nice area and indeed not feeling alone, knowing that your kind daughter is nearby, within reach.
    You had me frown my forehead when I read that Minette is putting up with 2 old boys... Than I read again about Honey being a girl. Isn't this funny that she's toning now your arms?! One can only laugh about life's surprises that keep being thrown at us all the time.
    It is hard to plan ahead, I've given up on that as well. We live one day at a time and try to relax and take it easy. Shedding all the negative and also avoiding toxic, negative people. That in itself is a huge improvement already. One wonders though, how come that our pets are always so loving and giving their unconditional love; no question. Humans are a lot more complex....

  4. Thank you Mariette, hugs to you too.


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