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Friday, May 13, 2016

So Here We Are

Cats, birds, sunshine, trees and woods and beaches and the ocean.
Compared to cats, birds, sunshine, trees, woods and more woods and mountains.

Each has its own beauty. How to compare ? there is no comparison. It depends on what your heart yearns for ... warmth ... sunlight ... drama .. visually and weather-wise .

When we decided to move back to New York, my husband and I both automatically and immediately said Upstate !! where the trees are amazing all year round, apple farms dot the landscape as well as corn fields and vistas across the amazing and beautiful Hudson River.
The History of the place ... the reminders of what we read about in school .. the people .. I drove by homes that had plaques on them with the date ... 1700s ..
The house that Benedict Arnold hid in in Kinderhook .. there was always something interesting to see, learn and enjoy.

Florida is so very different from that place .. the look of it of course, the architecture, the landscape and instead of the cool mountains in summer, I can see and smell and feel the ocean ..
I have not actually touched it yet, but there it is ... waiting ...

This move has been very hard in some ways, made easier in others, mentally and physically demanding and now that I am pretty much all moved in to the townhouse that I will rent for a year ..
I can relax, fall apart, nap with the cats and eat the same thing every night just because.
And have watermelon for breakfast .... just because.

The cats are behaving. Merlin is himself .. naps, eats, purrs, sleeps.. he is a delight.
Minette is my little trouble maker and sweetheart. She sleeps next to me , making sure Merlin stays at the foot of the bed .. good thing my bed is big enough.
And then there is Honey.
My mom adopted a wee little kitten. She named her Honey. When I was a kid, my mom adopted a tiny baby kitten , a golden little baby. Mom named her Honey B. She was our little Honey.
One day when mom drove in to the driveway, Honey ran to greet her and the tire hit her and she died. Not a mark on her, her tiny neck broken.
My mom never got over that ... I guess I didn't either, I remember it so clearly today.
So mom adopted this cat, a yellow cat and named her Honey.

What could I say when my daughter said I had to take Honey or she would go to the shelter.
Honey must weight 20 lbs and she is no longer a cute kitten, she is a gigantic sweetheart but that won't get her adopted. Besides, she lived with a woman who stayed in the house with her and whispered love words to her and fed her ( too much) out of love .. how could I say no?

So Mom, Honey is here ... she sleeps on my bed, she pushes Minette and Merlin aside so she gets the food first .. Merlin looks around and wonders " what was that , the food is gone ?! "
This townhouse is fabulous. roomy, 3 beds and 2 1/2 baths and garage and screened room with views of the woods .. and critters.
It isn't forever ... I am hoping for smaller and more charm, more "homey" .. but it is fine for this first year here.

So here we are ..
( my back will never forgive me for driving for all those days ....oy!)


Fat Dormouse said...

Thank you so much for your reply to my comment - unnecessary but very touching. I'm glad you took Honey...I hope that Merlin and Minette and Honey work out their pecking order without too much trouble. Cats are a great comfort, I find, and it is A Good Thing to talk to them: you need it, and I think it makes them feel good too. Our George seems to particulmarly like it, and often yeowls back a little!

Linda said...

You seem to be doing just fine...
Glad to hear..
Linda :o)

Wu Walters said...

Welcome to your new home in Sunny Florida.
Sad turn of events in the process, I'm so sorry.
Now at least you have some of your beloved dear mama with you in Honey
Sending you much much love.
You are a true dear sweet one - xo

Jan B said...

Welcome to Florida! If you would like an interesting tour of St. Augustine they offer segway tours of the city. Not a ton of walking and the segways are easy to do and very safe (no traffic). We live in Palm Coast midway between St. Augustine and Daytona and have loved this area for 18 years. Good luck to you and your fur babies!

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Candice,
Sounds very positive and you are in high spirits so that is good.
Can't imagine a 20 lbs and I wonder if you manage to let her loose some of her excessive weight.
Funny that she's pushing Minette and Merlin aside in order to get food first... Cats are in many ways just like humans!
Enjoy your newfound freedom and quiet space for doing what you feel like doing.

NotesFromAbroad said...

Doormouse, mine start to purr like crazy when I sit and just chat with them ... or to them :)
They are getting attention, so what if I talk ? How could I not take her home with me ? she is so dear.

Mariette, higher spirits than before is a good thing. Thank you.

Jan .. I am going to be in St Aug with my daughter and we will just walk and walk. Living close by is a treat, it is one of my earliest memories of Fl .. we moved from California to NC and my parents decided to drive to Fl for a summer holiday, we stayed in St Augustine. It reminded me of San Diego where we had lived. We will see what it reminds me of now.

Wu .. yes, every time I hold her and whisper in her ear, I think of my mom and how she always snuggled and whispered to her cats ... and I do the same thing.
I miss her so.

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