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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

This , That and The Other

I like a man who recognizes the sound of a woman near the breaking point.
Especially when he has never seen me, met me or really doesn't know me at all.

I am packing, losing things, finding things, wondering what I wanted with the things .. packing them.
Stopping now and then to be sure there is no kitty hiding in a box about to be taped shut.
We will not discuss that nightmare someone had.
I will put bells on them I think  ... it might help with the nightmares.

The mover called.

I have been thinking all morning that I have to have it all ready then I will stay in the little motel then leave the next day with the cats. But I forgot the part about getting to Florida before the truck and where will they store it and all that anxiety inducing Stuff.

So he said I am confirming our plans.
I said, Yes.

He said they will pick up and move everything out of the house ... into the truck ... which will go to their Secure Facility where it will be stored ( in NY ! ) until I call them from my new home in Florida and then they will drive down and return my dear belongings to me.
Suddenly, the load got lighter, the day got brighter, I relaxed just a tiny bit.

I don't have to be at the closing. I love my attorney. You don't ever ever want him coming after you but you would not be unhappy if he was on your side. 

So I bought bubble wrap and boxes yesterday.
I have to go out and get boxes now. oy.

A huge pressure has been lifted off of me.

Now if I can just not think about the news and what happened today and stay in my quiet little bubble with 2 cats and no thoughts of grief or loss.
Sometimes I think what a fabulous world this is ... then today, after seeing the news, I thought was a hideous world this is getting to be.

Sending my thoughts out to all of those people who are impacted personally by this tragedy in Belgium, this hideous harming of innocents, this outrage against civilized people.


  1. That sounds like a good mover.
    But a word of caution, voice of experience: Be sure that where they store your stuff is walled or cordoned off somehow, so that it doesn't get jumbled up with the stuff of whoever is next to you. Happened to me, and I never did recover everything -- the good old boys apparently just put everything in one big open space, and every time someone searched for X, they shoved aside Y.

  2. Thank you. That is awful, what happened to you !
    I have moved so many times, it is second nature to me now :) The best move was the Argentina move, they did everything .. paperwork, packing, unpacking everything. Of course it cost a fortune but at that time, it was worth it.
    My stuff is going into a big box/truck thing. It will be loaded and locked and won't be opened until it arrives at my new home.
    I always get worried, we have things that mean so much to me.

  3. I hope you have a lovely birthday! You are on the cusp of so many new adventures. Enjoy your day.

  4. Happy Natal Day! You share 23 March with my dear husband! An auspicious birthdate!

  5. Thank you Mundi :) Happy Birthday to your husband !

  6. Wishing you a happy birthday. Have a special lunch with the kitties while surrounded by boxes and dream of new adventures in Florida.

  7. Raz .. muchas gracias y besitos ... mi gusta .

    I want to go back to BA !!!

  8. Anything that lightens the load is a very good thing. The last two times I've moved I've had great movers. Actually, the last three times. So lucky.

    My had is off to you for doing this all by yourself. I could never do it.

    Happy birthday to you and many more.


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