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Monday, March 21, 2016

A Different Kind of Celebration

My Birthday is on the 23rd ... 2 days from now.

Now .. on a birthday when no one is visiting, it is just you and your 2 cats. what would you do ?
I thought about getting my haircut .. a bit of pampering. But I kind of like that it is this  long ..

No point in a manicure, I am packing.

If I weren't driving myself .. I would have a drink in a nice place in town .. but not alone.
And I don't know anyone to ask .. and I am not sitting at the bar by myself  ..
Frank Sinatra music would play and the bartender would talk to me .. yikes ...

I could maybe shop online .. but will it be delivered in time ... no.. and it would make me anxious.

You can picture it .. the movers are putting the furniture in the back of the truck and I am telling them we can't leave until the UPS guy arrives !!
No .. no shopping online.

Chocolate ? hmmmm I could go into town and buy some posh chocolate and the cats can watch me eat it on my birthday. Yeah, that might work.

If you have any ideas, let me know. Maybe I will get flowers and wear one in my hair.


  1. Facial,pedicure AND a massage. Do it.

  2. Pedicure, definitely.

  3. Happy Birthday! I don't mind being alone on my birthday, and I don't mind going out for lunch alone, so I would treat myself to something nice for lunch out and sit at the waterfront and people watch here. Even visiting a nice bakery, picking up some treats and sit down at the park and share your crumbs with the birds.

    I would then go to a movie or watch one at home. A nice candle and a glass of wine will make it relaxing, even surrounded by the packing boxes.

    Then when you move - treat yourself to something nice - for the house or just for you!.

    Julie Q

  4. I agree with beyond beige. Especially the massage!!!
    And happy birthday!

  5. What's better than chocolate Candice ?!!!! Go and get lots of it and get the cats some devilled eggs !! XXXX

  6. Beyondbeige hit it. But chocolate afterwards, definitely chocolate.

  7. Whatever you do Candice have a happy day, and do exactly what you feel like doing - you share your birthday with my lovely grandson

  8. A massage and a pedicure for sure! Then I would buy myself a really good bottle of wine and have it for dinner with something special and easy like charcuterie. Enjoy!

  9. I meant to wish you a Happy Birthday Candice .... Have a brilliant day on Wednesday whatever you decide to do. I rather fancy Shawn's suggestion myself and it's not my birthday !!!! XXXX

  10. Thank you :)
    I think Seans suggestion would work fine for any number of occasions .. the baby slept all night , the cat let me sleep all night, I lost a pound ... LOL

  11. Chocolate and champagne for you and salmon for the cats, taken in a huddle, followed by cuddles among the three of you and maybe even the giggles (champagne can work wonders, although probably not on cats). Happy birthday. Just be nice to yourself with your thoughts as much as with any actions.

  12. Or... Me and a few of my Scottish pals would come and sit in a bar with you, maybe even all in our kilts, just so you didn't have to drink alone, and I'm sure that would attract attention. It would be fun:) ... but I doubt we'd make it across the Atlantic in time so you will just have to ponder the image and it will have to be champagne with the cats.

  13. Andrew, I admit I am sitting here grinning like a fool at the mental image.
    I admit that I do like a man in a kilt ( Scottish grandfather )
    Chocolate yes..

    And yes ... I am getting a manicure tomorrow. Thank you girls :)


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