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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My Birthday

If I could spend my birthday any way I wanted,  I would .....

* Spend it with my husband

* Go to lunch with a friend in Nice, France.

* Go to lunch with friends in London.

* Party for a few days with friends in Buenos Aires

* Take my son and his family and my daughter and her young'un and go to a warm safe place where most of the people smile most of the time and the weather is mostly sunny with a few clouds :)

* Go Back In Time

Thank you to everyone for e-cards and notes of cheer and birthday wishes.
It's funny, I get as much of a kick out of birthday wishes as I did when I was a kid. My parents must have done something right !

So today I am spending my birthday ... packing.
I think my nephew (in law) is bringing my sister in law to visit.
This is his gift to me, whether he knows it or not ... they are among the very few people left in my life who are so very very dear to me.

So please, do go out at lunch or in the afternoon .. or if you must wait, tonight at 5:00 ... have a drink and toast me.
I will do the same .. Cheers to you all !!

***** I was taken out for lunch and it was a lovely visit with a bit of sadness saying goodbye *****

My daughter sent me a bottle of my favorite perfume that her dad used to buy me .. so very very thoughtful and sweet. I had a little cry and now I am fine. She is such a good girl.

**** My realtor is taking me to lunch tomorrow .. we are joking about drinking and selling real estate.. uhoh ... ****

**** My son called to wish me a Happy Birthday. Then the baby wanted to talk to me.
Hap Birthday Gramma !  he said .
Thank you, I said.
He hung up.  :)


  1. Happy Birthday!

    I hope you get your visitors.
    I shall raise a glass to you this evening.

  2. Happy, happy birthday dear friend.
    I hope it's a lovely, special day for you today.

  3. Happy Birthday! And many more!


  4. Happy Birthday!

    LOL, just don't wait for Minette and Merlin to celebrate. Cats either feel that their birthdays are the only important ones, or alternatively, that every day is celebration day and this is just one more. But I'm sure you already know that. :)

  5. Very happy birthday to you! I hope you will have a lovely time with your nephew and sister in law.

  6. Have a beautiful day. Many many more.

  7. Happiest of birthday wishes to you from Ohio!


  8. Happy birthday from wet damp Southern Ontario Canada. I will raise a glass of wine to your good health & wish you every happiness as you start your journey soon to sunnier days ahead with endless possibilities.


  9. Happy Birthday Ms. C.

    I know about those wishes of yours only too well, but some times memories of past b-days are gifts as well. Those special ones that began with a kiss and a latte in bed, and spilled over the day like many marbles of many colors to keep us smiling and feeling loved and treasured.

    May those memories be your best present today. Be healthy, be happy and find a path to peace all of your own, from a Leo to an Aries with best wishes.


  10. Happy Birthday Candice, I am raising a glass to you and a safe and successful move. In my experience the anticipation of long journeys alone and similar is often worse than the reality. Once you're on the road I think you'll feel better. Please keep writing and tell us of your progress. You will have a lot of us thinking about you.

  11. Happy Birthday Candice,

    Wishing you a spectacular year and may your journey and future life bring joy and adventure.

  12. Happy Birthday! I wish you a memorable, fabulous year!

  13. Can't quite raise my glass as I type, but I will in a moment.
    Happy Birthday! Here to new beginnings. (never noticed before how redundant that expression is.)

  14. My husband's birthday falls on Easter this year... or Easter falls on his birthday. :)

    I'd like to go back in time, too, or perhaps not go back, but regain some of what has been lost. The hardest part of life is loss.

    I hope everything goes smoothly with the move and trip, and I can't wait to hear how things go on the other side.

  15. Happy Belated Birthday, Candice! Hope to see you at some point when you arrive in's starting to get warmer, I think you'll like it here ;-) !

  16. Thank you Vivian ! I am sitting here thinking about how cold my feet are lol I think I will be very happy there. Perhaps more happy than I am here. See you soon :)


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