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Friday, March 25, 2016

Packing ...

My suitcase is almost as big as the car and now I think it is heavier than the car.
These are the clothes and shoes that I will need to wear for the amount of time that it will take for me to find a home and have the movers deliver my furniture . So it might be a little while.

I only packed nice summer things .. not many shoes. I can shop when I get there.
But ... I could not lift the bag to get it in the car.
After measuring, I discovered that it is too big to go in the back with the crate which is about the same size as the suitcase.

I need a larger car.

It isn't even about how much is in it ( that would be the weight which might kill me ) but the general size.. the large dog crate and suitcase fill the back of the car .. I think .. I couldn't get the suitcase lifted to actually test it ..

And there aren't even that many shoes packed !!

And I don't know if the back door of the car will close .. sloping car door, straight up and down case.

I am contemplating ...
1- take a lot of clothes out of the bag .. ship them.
2-get a bigger car .
3- leave the clothes for the movers and go shopping upon arrival. (this is my favorite idea)..

I guess the only thing to do is just repack and take a smaller bag and go straight to Anthropologie upon arrival.
There really is no other solution.
Poor me.
Being forced to shop.
sigh ~


  1. Oh, my. Poor you. You are cracking me up. :-) Enjoy shopping!

  2. I just moved the suitcase with clothes I will never wear from one room to another.
    I am now unable to bend . I may never be able to skateboard again .. not that I ever did but now I won't.

  3. You'll have to take up surfing :)
    Maybe you can ship some clothes and shoes to your daughter's house?

  4. I am moving to an area near where my daughter lives. I am using a big moving company. They will bring everything down for me. If I don't have a place, they will store it until I do then deliver.
    I can shop in Fl. in fact. I can't wait to shop in Florida !

  5. I am very happy to read you have sold your place in the cold north and you are getting prepared to drive to Florida. I wish you joy, good health,finding the perfect home, new friendships and a happy life.

    Happy Easter



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