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Friday, March 4, 2016

Ever Wonder Why ?

In case you ever wondered why we fell in love with Buenos Aires in a short (10 days) visit , enough to store/sell/giveaway our furniture etc and move to Argentina within months of that visit ...
I have some visuals for you. It will better explain, I believe, why it all happened.

These Ombu trees have been here for 100s of years. There is no describing how huge and amazing they are in person. A true Swiss Family Robinson tree :)

Another Ombu for you ...


  1. All the photos are great, but that tree trunk is oustanding.

  2. Looks a beautiful place. The tree trunk looks like me first thing in't morning ;-)

  3. It's wonderful you and your husband fell in love with Buenos Aires, and you got to live in the place you love. It must have been a really fun adventure and lots of wonderful memories were created. Those photos are all beautiful. I wish I could visit there some day!

  4. Tamago, it was fantastic .. so many people wish they could just get up and pack up their things and go .. we were so lucky to be able to do just that.
    My husband used to do things like this before me met me, he lived in London and Paris and India... yes, India !!
    Lucky me :)

  5. Great photographs. I can see instantly why you both fell in love with the country. I just read your previous post, Friends, and would like to say how much I understand and can relate to what you said especially about people on the internet. I am pleased for you that your friend from many years ago has been in touch with you. I have never commented here before nor read your posts but I will read more now. Rachel

  6. Thank you Rachel ! So glad to see you :)

  7. DillyGaf ... LOL ... no, I don't believe it .


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