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Monday, March 21, 2016

Hotels, Cats, Driving for days ..

A safe clean place for the cats and I to sleep .. is that asking too much ??

I started checking the hotels etc in Jacksonville for a place to stay.
We stayed at the La Quinta Inns wherever we went when we traveled with Pup.
They were all nice.
And very affordable .. the one that stands out in my mind as fabulous was the brand new La Quinta somewhere in  Oklahoma ? I don't remember what state but there were Tornado warnings upon our arrival ... Nothing came of it, we had a fabulous room with a view of sky and not much else which was lovely.
Pup loved it, the huge bed made my road weary husband happy and I was just content to stay in a hotel.
Yes, I would live in a hotel if I could.
Actually I did , once upon a time, it spoiled me . Forever. Really.

All the La Quinta Hotels that I have looked at so far in Jacksonville are not what I remembered.
And more expensive. I have no idea how long the house hunt will take so it matters how long I stay in a hotel.

It is the Little Things like this that throw me for a loop.
Something I took for granted and now at this late date, I am having to readjust the thinking, the search and the whole idea.
Location means something .. safety and cleanliness and all that ... of course but I don't want to spend my days lost and trying to find an area .. there won't be a lot of help when I get there so I need to be sure of myself , alone.
which really sucks.

All of this just makes me want to put everything into storage and fly to Buenos Aires.
Where there are friends, family and it is familiar.

Maybe the Gulf Coast would be a better idea lol ....


  1. Lately it seems the simplest need at the mid-priced hotels is a thing of the past. At the Comfort Inn in the hills of New Jersey where my daughter lives (and until we discovered a lovely B&B, was the only game in town) there was no soap holder in the shower. Not a big deal, but who wants to lean down and get your hair wet every time you pick up the soap?

  2. Marty, I know ... we were staying in hotels a bit when we left BA .. and I started just bringing my own liquid soap from L'Occitane .. which is probably much better for the skin than the cheap hotel brands.
    The best hotel soaps are at the Monaco Hotel in Portland Or. Actually , the hotels in that chain are great and the bath products are all very good.

  3. Check the hotel for a weekly or monthly rate. Extended stay type of places with a kitchen can be quite comfortable. .Candlewood Suites comes to mind. Marriott (I believe Residence Inns) are very nice but probably more $$$$$.

  4. Anony, thank you SO much ! I will absolutely look into it ... tomorrow I will make some phone calls/emails and see what I can find out now. It will feel much better to know there is a place waiting. If I can just make coffee and have a microwave, it would be enough :)

  5. Recently I have liked Hampton Inns and Holiday Inn Express. Take a look at them.

  6. You might want to look into VRBO. It's much less expensive and more comfortable than a hotel, although you do have to change the linens and towels yourself.

  7. Shawn ... I don't like using VRBO- . I will find a pet friendly hotel and make the cats ride with me in the crate in the car when I go house hunting .. my daughter might find something for me too. A private rental for a month would be good.


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