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Monday, February 22, 2016

Packing ... where is that damned cat ???

Blue skies, sunshine, birds and chipmunks running amok .. I am enjoying the sight of a sunny day in Upstate New York.
I am inside , still in my pajamas, packing.
I have to stop now and then for coffee and a cinnamon roll, snuggle a cat or 2 and go back to my Super Anal Packing method.
This is when you buy countless boxes of giant ziplocks for clothing bags.

You put your garments in the bag, zip it up, put it in a suitcase or in this case, a box.
There will also be a suitcase but not yet.

My clothes will be safe - clean, dry and neat in their bags until they get to hang in their new closets, wherever those are !

I had things go missing on our trip from BA to the US , shippers, movers, packers, who knows. this time I am the packer and I am making sure my things leave here neat and tidy and arrive .. all of them .. neat and tidy.
It keeps me sane. . being prepared for anything. Because sadly I learned, anything can happen.

Breakfast today ... cinnamon rolls with a schmear of Nutella and a banana .. with a pot of coffee.
The Breakfast of Champions !!

Minette got bored and went to take a nap. I have to be careful not to pack her.
I already had to pull her out of a wardrobe ..
Merlin has no idea of anything going on here at all. He is asleep. Since 9 am.
I think he slips out of the house in the middle of the night and parties with the other neighborhood bad boys .. he always looks a little hungover in the morning.

So thank goodness for the Dollar Store.
For a few dollars, under 20 .. I have enough zip locks to pack everything in the closets and some dishes.

I have to figure logistics of certain things .. but mostly I just have to get it all done, time's going by faster now. and I seem to be going slower.
So if I am missing now and then, send a note if you like, I will be back .. sooner or later.

besitos ...


  1. "Packing"?

    What have I missed while I have been away? (Maybe I will find out below)

  2. I sold my house ! yay !
    I am moving South ! yay !
    When I am all moved South, I will blog again , yay !


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