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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Some days ...

Some days are much longer than 24 hours. Today was one of them. At least I  got to sleep a little later.
7 instead of 6 am. Thank you Minette and Merlin.

I want to make myself small and crawl into this photo.
It is warm there. The air smells good. It smells of warm stone and growing things and here and there the faint scent of coffee or flowers .. the air is good, in Buenos Aires .

Here ... It is very cold. I had to get some things at the store and I wanted to go , maybe for the last time, to the supermarket that we used when we came back to the US and moved up here.
In Great Barrington Ma, the Big Y.
Google says it is a "World Class Market? and it is next door to Guidos .. a very good, very expensive specialty grocer .. I used to like getting coffee there and seafood but these days, my practical side tells me that the seafood at the Big Y is excellent and so is the coffee that I get .. from Starbucks.
Yeah .. I am a sucker for strong Starbucks coffee in the mornings.
After 7 years of waking up to Argentina coffee, Starbucks is the only one here that comes close.

So after making sure the two kitties were comfy ( sleeping on their own little fleece beds, all warm and snug) I hopped in my trusty little car and took off.
Over the hills and dales, past fields and streams, horse farms and sheep ..

Getting out of the car and into the store was uncomfortably cold .. getting groceries out of the cart and into the car was dreadful, the wind had started.

Tango music played loud with the heat on high, the trip home was nice.

I have only a few weeks left.
I started packing, I will keep at it .. the movers will crate the special things.
I have to hop in the car with 2 cats and fly down the highway, staying in hotels and arrive before the movers. They will have to store my things which bothers me ..
I thought about having them hold everything here until I call and tell them to deliver , rather than unload the truck and store then have to move them again.

I have seen a couple of places, thanks to my daughter, in St Augustine. I like them a lot.
I like that town. It is closer to the ocean which is so nice .. I am going to look into it more seriously tomorrow... having let it sit and simmer a while, it sounds more and more appealing.

I have to go see the sweet men at Trombleys. These two older gentlemen who run a car repair place nearby. They also do inspections and tune ups , things that I had done when I thought a car had to have that all the time. Luckily my car has been working fine. But I want it to feel good for that long drive.
After my husband died, I had to go get names changed and then the car guys had to put stickers on the car .. when they asked about my husband, I told them he had died then I started to cry.
I did that .. all the time .. I tried not to go out if possible, I couldn't help it.  I didn't make a big scene but the tears had a mind of their own.

These 2 old guys, working with cars and motors all day , every day, brought me coffee and a box of tissues and told me to sit in the office where it was warm.
The car was ready in half the time as usual and I got hugs when I left.
I have to say goodby to them now.
I hate hate hate saying goodbye.

So the Big Adventure is slowly starting.
I will now watch Downton Abbey and let my mind relax somewhere else. Somewhere that is warm now and sunny and the trees are green and shady.


  1. When we moved to Florida our FL house deal fell through 3 days before the movers arrived (and our NYS house was already sold). We had to store our things for 3 months. It was a comfort to have the storage unit close by so that if we wanted to we could go to the storage facility and pull something out, or just go look at our stuff. St. Augustine is a special place. It has a sense of time and a sense of place. There are also great beaches near by.

  2. This is such a beautiful picture. I can almost feel the warmth :-)
    I like Starbucks coffee, too. To be honest, I'm addicted..but I try not to go there often as their coffee is so expensive...! Sorry you have to say goodbye to two gentlemen at Trombleys. They sound very kind.

  3. I love Florida. I wanted to live on the Amalfi Coast and still do, but my condo in Florida, on the high floor, overlooking the ocean and the waterway helps. I can smell the ocean and sometimes, if I try really hard I hear and smell Italy. Clinking of glasses and dishes at lunchtime, grilled fish, the sounds of the bus and the Vespas honking, very evocative. Ihope you have a wonderful drive and find the perfect place for you and your kitties.

  4. Colette, I hope I don't have to do that but it is a Good Thing to have one of those storage units !
    I have hazy memories of St Aug from my childhood that make me think that I will love being there.

    lol angie, I wanted to live in England or back in BA but I will be in Florida :)
    I thought about a highrise in Tampa .. it is still at the back of my mind but time will tell.

    Tamago - isn't it funny , the people you know you will miss. I don't see them often at all, I don't think I know their names ... but they were so kind when I needed it the most, they will remain in my memories.. as something good in a horrible time.

  5. Bravo,I wish you all the best as you move to a warmer climate. Please keep us posted.

    Marilyn Leslie

  6. Sounds like you are making good progress with your move. I hope you find the perfect home in St. Augustine where you can make new friends & new memories with your two little companions ever present by your side.

    Stay trip & drive carefully.

    Barb (Canada)

  7. We moved several times in the service, the movers packed everything, and I mean everything....half empty packets of noodles, and cereal, that six weeks later arrived with uninvited critters inside :)
    I love those space bags, on our recent trip to England I used them, only problem was, I kept thinking if they leaked and let out the air, it would blow up the suitcases....
    Your BA is a gorgeous country, I hope that you can find comfort akin in Florida.
    Keep calm and carry on with your packing, you are doing great !


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