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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Winter Day

I had forgotten how beautiful it can be in Buenos Aires in Winter.
Oh sure, like anywhere, it has its fair share of grey dreary days but it seems that most days, Winter and Summer, have clear blue skies.
It wasn't named Buenos Aires for nothing !

My days here in New York State are drawing to a close.
I have begun packing .. which so far has resulted in not much done but my closet looks neater.
I found some things that were going to be thrown away, a sweater and a top ... that belonged to someone else ... but I am wearing them to bed .. they are soft and warm and comforting.

I am not shopping for anything until I get to Florida.
Then I can see what new things I will need.
My old clothes will be new to everyone in Florida .. lol ... a good reason to move every few years.

My daughter sends me photos of homes that are so appealing. It helps quite a lot when I find myself sad about leaving here. Here where we had so many hopes and dreams.

I miss Buenos Aires so much.
After my move, there will be a trip farther South. And West ... there are new babies and old babies waiting for me in Florida on the Gulf Coast.
I must fulfill my Godmother duties. And stock up on fresh soft baby scents and kisses and nuzzles.
If I can't have one of my own, it pays to have a sweet friend who has two !

My hope is that I will be on that street in the photo above, within the next few months.
In time for Winter .

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  1. Haunting and poetic.....good luck with your move!

  2. You should just come back to BA. It was good for you. You were good for it.

  3. Oh Dan, thank you so much. You made me cry :) It was good for me. It was good for us ~

    francetaste, thank you very much.


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