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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Traveling with Two Cats

I have gotten suggestions on what to do and what to bring and how to go about things, so I thought I would post this now .. sharing tips, ideas and what I already know ... from experience.

I will be driving from NY State to Florida.
I will have 2 cats with me .. a young sweetie named Minette and an old darling named Merlin.

I bought a dog crate. That is where they will ride, during the days .. all cushy pillows etc for them inside. I can also throw a cover over it if the constant changing scenery freaks them out.
We will take stops and relax and have a bite and some snuggles during the day.

I will stay at a Pet Friendly hotel at night. ( La Quinta Hotels are pet friendly, we drove from Florida to Oregon with Pup , staying at La Quintas every night)

The "kids " will go into the hotel with me in cat carriers and will sleep in the crate in the room.
No roaming allowed .. I am not going to spend the trip worried about them getting loose, someone opening a door, one of them hiding ... I will be overly cautious for my own sanity.. and their safety.

They will have their food and we will all have bottled water that I will bring.
Just to be sure our bellies don't complain ... you never know.

I had hoped someone would take the drive with me but no ... so I will do what I know how to do from previous drives and from common sense.
And overly cautious because I hang on to those cats as if they were my infants and I would lay down and die if something bad happened.
Maybe I will get over that one day - I don't care if I don't .

I have the cell phone, the cats and my car and I think it will be fine.
It would have been finer if the person who said they would fly up and drive down with me, had kept their word but I have to learn, you can't really count on anyone but yourself.
and your cats.

So that's it. I will be selling the house, the offer was made and it is good.

so that's the story so far. hopefully it will get to be a really fun adventure story with some kind of wacky happy ending ...

I will have the laptop, hope it works while on the road .. if not , don't let the suspense kill you:)


  1. Bring a shoebox with kitty litter in it in the car with you, in case one or the other of your darlings can't wait for an official pit stop. Also a goodly amount of paper towels, in case of car sickness. Otherwise, you sound very well prepared. Bon chance!

  2. I am bringing a small litter box in the car with me. I am buying them at this store nearby, they are disposable and small. Perfect for car trips.

  3. Sounds like you have a good, sound safe plan! I feel the same way about my kitties, like they are my children. I'm glad the offer on your house is all set. That is a bundle off your mind! I will definitely stay tuned for your coming adventures. Travel safely. I'll be thinking of you and kitties! Big hug, Candice!

  4. All I want to do is fly to Buenos Aires lol Big hugs to you !!

  5. Thank you Mariette, I am sorry too. some things you can forget about but this will not be forgotten.

  6. I just saw the disposable litter boxes at the Dollar store ! Brilliant idea .. box litter , into the trash.
    Minette is sleeping in her favorite spot right now.. on her pillow ... on top of the crate. lol

    Merlin is being a pillow on the sofa ..

  7. Wishing you all the best on your journey and new beginnings!

  8. Wonderful news, I didn't know you had an offer.
    I am so happy to hear this news.
    Daughter just drove from Tucson to her new job to the norther part of Michigan with her dog.
    She also stayed at La Quinta's and it worked out nicely. She had some snow in some places and ice but it was a trip.
    You will have a great trip and I hope you find a wonderful little house to rent or buy.

    cheers, parsnip

  9. Sounds like you have everything well prepared for your babies. Cover in case they get nervous is a very good idea! I hope everything will go smoothly!

  10. Yes, I was thinking they live in a big house in the country, being in a car on a highway with noise and cars and in a cage .. it might totally freak them out.
    So if they are snug in the big crate with a blanket over the top and their toys nearby .. they will sleep with me in a hotel.. we should be ok. They will make me feel better too :)

  11. It will be an adventure to be sure! I don't know how long it will take you, I am thinking a couple of days? As long as you have a plan and set your intentions, I truly believe the Universe will set your course and help you along! Too bad about not having a car buddy, but you will have two darlings who will keep you company and you can sing your heart out on the trip. I know I would! :)

  12. An adventure for sure :)
    I am remembering a couple of days, I will figure 3 just to be sure .. a
    The Universe definitely has its own ideas and sometimes I wish I could just get up in the morning and ask .. OK.. what happens today ? :)
    The 2 darlings will probably meow and complain the entire trip.
    And yes I will sing and make them sorry they meowed.
    I have all my Tango music in a case which will ride up front with me ...... no having the cats choose the music. Lord knows what they will want ... Willie Nelson probably .. or Metallica.

  13. Oh my! How wonderful you have sold your house! I understand your apprehension driving alone with 2 cats to florida. Have you thought about shipping your car and just flying down with the cats? Another thought.. hire someone to drive your car and you fly. We have friends who do this and it works out very well. I believe there is a company/service that does this. I would do anything to avoid driving that distance alone! Best of luck on your new adventure. You have come a long way. It does take time and you seem to be on a good path. Sue

  14. Wonderful news, Candice!
    Please keep us up to date as your departure date approaches!
    Everything seems to be working out...
    You might want to get the kitties into the crate...for a test drive, so to speak!
    Have a great week...
    Linda :o)

  15. Thank you ... Linda, Minette is sleeping on top of the crate now .. and the both of them go in and out like it is another room. I made it very inviting so they like it.

  16. This is wonderful news - you go girl, and your kitties too!!!!
    Mary x


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