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Sunday, January 24, 2016


Not one flake, not one drop of snow fell in my area.
I woke to quiet and thought, aha, we are buried in snow again. sigh ... then I got up and looked. Grass, a road, houses, everything normal and Snow-Free !!

I am thankful. I am tired of that claustrophobic trapped in the house feeling with feet of snow piled up outside the door. 
The cats are being annoying. All is normal again.

Someone made an offer on the house.
I am going to accept it.
It isn't as much as I hoped for but ... it never is, is it ?

The house in the photo ... Our First Home ( that we bought - there were plenty that we lived in before that)
When we bought it , it was brown, dark brown/black shingles , aged and dingy and tired looking.
The street used to be a "moonshiners hide-out" .. Up off the road were the stills and illegal goings on.
Then times changed, someone built a house and there ended up being about 8 houses on this hill .. each one different in style and each on beautiful. Except for ours. It was waiting for someone to come love it.
And love it we did.

The sale of that house, 7 years later, gave us the freedom to move/ travel/explore the world a bit more than just a 2 week holiday in Paris.

I loved that house .. 
It is so full of great memories. 

There was an offer made on my house. I accepted. I will have to start finding a mover, boxes, pack .. drive to Florida all by myself with 2 cats. I wish I could turn back time, I would be on the sofa in that house with my husband, listening to music with a nice big fire in the fireplace.
And Pup sleeping by the sofa and the cat so close to the fire that we used to have to check to be sure he wasn't toasted.

Memories .. we are so lucky to have the good ones. Even when they hurt.


  1. Good luck! You're drive to Florida with the cats will be fine. Keep them caged in the car and let them out at night in the motel room.

  2. Congratulations on your sale. This time it will all work out.

  3. Hi, we once drove a long 2 days with our 2 cats. They were caged at first but it seemed to make one very car sick so they were let out and soon enough found their own spot on the floor of the car in the back seat - the litter box took up the other side! Check ahead that a motel will allow you to bring in pets, many don't.

    Once we were having lunch in a roadside cafe with the car parked very close to their big window. The cats got nervous that the car wasn't moving and we weren't in it. A woman at the next table went on and on about how awful and cruel their owners were to subject them to a car trip. It was all I could do to restrain myself from going and getting them and giving them to her. We were moving, no one wants long car trips with cats.

    Overall they were fine. Some agitation, and crying but they did settle down. Do cage them before taking them out of the car to a motel, they will scratch and try to run - anything to get away from that car. Bring extra litter, more than you think you'll need as you'll want to change it super often believe me.

    Wow, long comment. Sorry. It will be stressful for all of you but will be just fine in the end.

  4. Great news about your house sale. On to your new adventures with the furry babies. We are all supporting you and cheering you on.

  5. Thank you Wu ..Very much ! My husband and I always called our moves and trips etc "Adventures " and w went on some doozies :) I have high hopes for this one ..

    Canada, I have moved so many times with cats and dogs, even a dog in an airplane to Argentina. It will be nerve wracking for me because I will be alone. But at the same time, at least my cats will be with me :)

  6. What a fantastic house! Glad to hear an offer was made. Nothing but looking forward now and keep those cherished memories close, yes they do hurt sometimes but just think of all the beauty and happiness mingled in there as well! :)

  7. Thanks, it was a fantastic house. I still miss it .. but I miss my apartment in Buenos Aires more lol
    I might look into airfares to Argentina when this is all over ..

  8. Ah, hadn't realized you'd travelled with cats before - makes all the difference. Wish the 3 of you all the best on your new adventure. Will certainly be nice to be free of winter's cold and snow.

  9. canada, I have traveled with pets quite a lot. Pup flew to Argentina with us, various cats and dogs have gone on road trips .. all a part of life.

  10. I had a cat that saved my life on one move. Me and my 3 kids were moving with the dribs and drabs of leftover stuff in a pickup loaded to the rafters of stuff that didn't get loaded into moving van. It was early evening when I started off. I intended to drive overnight. Best time I thought with young kids and a cat. I fell asleep while driving down a looooong mountain road. I remember telling myself "I'll just close my eyes for a sec." "it's a straight stretch" stupid... But really tired after all I just unloaded a house earlier.
    I was so tired. I CLOSED MY eyes...
    I woke up with a start... With my cats face directly in front on mine.... He was sitting on the dash meowing like a wild animal in my face.... I will never forget that incident.... And forever believe in guardian angels.


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