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Saturday, January 23, 2016


When I was born, I did not have much hair. And what I had was pure white.
My mother said there was a time she worried if I would have much hair at all.
I have all those photos of me , with my dog, with my toys, in the desert ( I was born in Az) and through the years. . a white haired little girl ..
My hair went from white blonde to "dirty blonde" to a mousy brown back to blonde.
I am thrilled to have arrived in the hair stage of grey/white.
It all started with a wide streak at my forehead .. that streak got wider.
Now I have trouble finding any hair that has color , it is pretty much all white.
Which , happily , looks just like my hair color when I was 4 years old. White.
I am happy for all the women out there who would , at one time, have suffered through expensive hair coloring every 5 weeks, roots and dye and expense and never really feeling like their hair looks natural. It rarely does. Temporary color fades fast .. dye looks like dye ... then you get roots anyway.
Of course, there is always the Avant Garde idea, why be ordinary , why look like everyone else ?
But most of us prefer hair that looks like ... hair..

So whatever color your hair is ... love it ... it is beautiful whatever the color.
As a man I know once said ... Be Glad You Have It ~

Thank you cul de sac for the photos


  1. Well said! As I creep towards 50 I decided January of 2015 to stop dyeing my hair. We are 3/4's of the way to a decidedly salt and pepper look and I like it!! I went to the salon to get my hair lighter and lighter to help with the grow out and then got it cut rather short to help once again. I think one more decent cut and I should be 90% there! :) And this makes me happy. I may very well get a few streaks of purple or blue, just to mix it up a bit but I am glad I did this. No more cost and no more roots! :)

  2. I love the freedom of just living with whatever color your hair is.

  3. When I was born I had a mass of black hair which eventually turned dark brown, so I am very surprised that I too have pure white hair now. My mother never lived long enough for me to know her 'senior' colour and my father's hair was iron grey which I had assumed that mine would be.

  4. Rosemary, my mother and her siblings all had very dark hair (Scottish father/English mom) .. they had dark hair and fair skin and blue eyes.
    My father was blonde and blue eyed, I got his coloring.
    Apparently I got his hair too ..
    ( he died in an accident right after I was born)

    My children have their fathers dark hair ... my cats have my eyes LOL

  5. I've always had dark hair. My first gray hairs appeared at age 27. I think I started having my hair coloured at age 35. Until 7 or so years ago. I hated that unnatural coloured hair. Now I'm whiteish-gray and I love it! After all, gray is the new blonde!

  6. Mym, your hair is fabulous and I would love to be able to wear mine like that ..


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