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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Yesterday ...

What you can't see in this photo is my husband walking along beside me and Pup running ahead and back and ahead and sniffing the whole time.. he was a Standard Poodle but we used to say he wanted to be a Blood Hound .. sniffing out his quarry.

This was a short walk from our apartment, up a flight of stairs from our street to this street, past massive apartment buildings and the British Embassy ... just over there on the left ..

Behind me ( taking the photo) is a stair case that leads down into the parks that go on for miles.
With a monument for Evita and hills for skateboarders and grass for babies and families .. I will trade you my back yard for those parks !
It all seems like it was just yesterday ..

Today there may be changes coming.
Today I have to find Frontline for kitty cats.
Tomorrow you will hear all about it.


  1. Such nice looking buildings. I love the color. Must have been really pleasant to have a walk there and visit the parks.
    Did your kitties catch flea? I hope they are doing well!

  2. Yes, the buildings are wonderful.
    I was worried about the possibilities of fleas but so far they are flea free :)

  3. The colors in your photos are so lovely, lots of yellow light. Is it my imagination, or is the air more clear there?

  4. You seem to miss Buenos Aires so much. I have a suggestion... Go to
    Google Earth and once you get the hang of it you can go to familiar addresses and literally walk the streets and neighborhoods you used to go to. You will also be able to see how things have changed there. I "walk" around all kinds of places I've been or wish I could go to. You feel like you are flying! Love it!

  5. Emm... Buenos Aires ( Good Air ) the air is clear and the light is always good . At night the stars looked so close .. the moon was always bigger looking .. my husband said it was because we were at the bottom of the world :)

    Thanks Jan .. yes, I have done that . It is nice.

  6. For kitty flea meds I use Advantage 11. I buy mine on line from 1800 Pet Meds. I'm very satisfied with them, they even send a kitty treat with your order. I think this code will work for 10% off your order FIRST10

  7. Wu !! Thank you so much ! I did not publish your note since it might invade your privacy but thank you so very much.
    I am doing it today :) The cats send thanks too :)


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