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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Queens

"Way back in time, when my children were small and my husband worked all the time, we had friends who were gay.
They were old friends of my husbands and I was charmed by them, loved by them and amused by them for years ... lucky me !

When my son was born, a couple of friends were Auntie Sy and Auntie Richard.
Sy was beautiful, gentle and outrageous and he loved to hook his arm in mine and go prancing down the street with me, enormously pregnant at the time, telling people that he was sure it would be a boy.
Richard would just roll his eyes and say something about names ... that baby has to have a name !
He also knitted beautiful little sweaters and blankets for the baby .

Then the hilarious name choosing game would start, with me having to sit/lie down and wait until my ribs stopped aching from all the laughter.
My daughter was 5 . She loved them. My husband referrd to them as The Queens.
My little sweet daughter got so excited when she first heard that ... she told all her friends that the Queen was coming to our house.
I miss them .. I miss them all.

They were older then , they have long passed on but they are a reminder to me of what the world was like, just 30-40 years ago .. in New York City at least.
How you can raise a child to be open hearted and kind and generous and loving, regardless of titles, names , designations.
Those two older men with their gentle hearts and sweet humor were Humans ... kind, loving , full of laughter Humans .
There is not and never will be anything wrong with that .


  1. Oh Yes- The NYC Good Old Days, not that's it's still not fantastic.
    Back in the day my Aunt was a playwright and actress and my Uncle was in the shipping business ( he was a tough Greek man).
    I spent a lot of time with them. Such an interesting life and many many interesting friends and adventures.

  2. Sy and Richard sound such a nice friends! What lovely memories you have with them xoxo

  3. Wu, aren;t those just the best memories ? I remember one of my husbands friends was a writer, married to a famous novelist and they just loved my husband. Not too long ago, I found the wife's address and wrote to tell her about my husband passing away and she wrote back the best letter. . recalling things about my husband in those days ( Before Me ) .. things he hadn't spoken of but that were just lovely examples of him .. what a lovely person he was : )

  4. Wow- That letter just confirms what you knew all along.., Your husband The Very Special Man for all who knew him <3
    I'm toasting him with a fruity drink from Trader Vic's :)


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