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Monday, October 19, 2015

The View

The view, in winter, from the living room in our flat in Buenos Aires.
I always wanted to go look inside one of those apartments across the street.
When we first moved in, the nights were warm and one of the apartments would have the French doors open and the massive chandeliers would be lit and it looked enchanted.
I imagined all the furniture being gorgeous French style chairs and tables and wonderful wooden floors. The floors in our apartment were wood but I wanted inlaid French floors .. which I am sure were the floors across the street.

I pictured parties, dancing and sipping Champagne in the open doors looking out .. at us !

We had French doors ( and windows!) and beautiful floors and chandeliers ... but somehow, I just knew that those in the flat across the street were much more beautiful. In my imagination, they were suitable for a good French movie starring Deneuve and Depardieu and some ingenue ..

Tate loved to lie in the open doorway of the balcony where all my plants sat ... he would toast his old bones in the afternoon sun.
At night he liked going out and looking down through the railings and watching the people who walked by , talking ... I wonder if he could understand them ~ He seemed interested.

That view was all green leaves and dove nests ( and babies) in the Spring and Summer.

Now I look out my windows and everything is green, there are baby chipmunks to drive the cats crazy and in winter there will be deer.
I rarely hear the cars on the street, never see people on the street, can't see anything in any windows but light coming from them ... there are birds ... oh my , there are birds here.

As beautiful as it is here, all year round, my heart is still back there..


  1. The view from your window back in Buenos Aires looks beautiful. I would be interested to see how it looked inside the apartment across the street :-)

  2. Now that you aren't going to go through the trauma of moving, can you get a friend or relative to cat-sit for a couple of weeks while you take yourself off to BA for a quick visit? Go in our winter, their summer, so it's a win all around.

  3. What a beautiful post and photo.
    You where much luckier than many of us could ever be.
    Don't go see the apartment... your dreams are so much better.
    Maybe ?

    cheers, parsnip

  4. The heart knows what it needs. my heart once in a while longs for a walk by the Costanera, with its gray color water, a grilled sandwich at La Biela, if it still exists that is, and yet for some reason I am not moving in that direction. Beside missing everything in general, what do you miss in particular from Buenos Aires?

  5. Thank you parsnip ... dreams are often so much better.
    But memories are good too ..

  6. A.Smith .. yes, we all move in our own different directions. Who is to say what the others direction should be.
    What do I miss ? friends, place, sounds, music, atmosphere, weather lol ... no snow is not a bad thing.
    I miss my old home. Who is to say what there is exactly about it that one misses ? It was my home.

  7. Thank you heti .. I am trying to keep busy <3

  8. Sending you caring thoughts today.

  9. P.S. I first "met" you on Fodors ( I have a different name there ) a million years ago. I don't post much there though.

  10. Wu, you have to send me a note and tell me who you are now ! lol
    I have all sorts of plans and ideas swimming around my poor head. The cats are so relaxed. I need to be more catlike.


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