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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Get Lost

It was a beautiful Autumn day with grey clouds, breaks of sun then more clouds .. but what saved it was the Autumn colors ...
There are great swaths of trees that have changed to brilliant gold ..

so it was not dreary, not grey at all, but glowing gold wherever you look.

What was not gold was Evergreens and some other trees turning red...I think those are maples.. and there are so many evergreens, it is never terrible bare and dreary up here.

I am glad it was a beautiful-to-look-at-day because I got lost.

So . Lost.

I recognized a town name so knew I was not going South but other than that , I had no idea where I was. Eventually I learned  that I had already gone ... waaay South.

I ran an errand, picked up a few things at a market that is farther away from my house than the usual market but when you are alone with not a lot to do and no friends to hang out with, taking the long way to the other market isn't so bad. Especially at this time of year when you drive over a hill and spread out before you are mountains covered with trees changing colors.
On the way you pass horse farms where fabulous horses hang out by the fence so I can get a better look at them.
People are decorating for Autumn with pumpkins and corn stalks and leaves , very pretty, very New England-y ..

I knew the cats were ok, there was plenty of food and water and eventually I would get home.
So I didn't panic. I went with the flow.

It started to get a bit dark so I stopped and asked for directions and was shocked to know how far from home I had gone ... so I hopped on the Palisades Parkway and that took me right home.
What was a real surprise was how far South I had truly gone.

I went through towns with monuments to the Revolution .. you know, the one where we told the English to go back home.
There were homes that looked that old too.
Old homes with gardens and fences and ancient old trees and lots of leaves.
We all have that in common up here ... lots of leaves.

And then there was the sign for Chatham ... I was happy to see it.
And in a few more minutes I was home.
One cat was waiting at the door. Merlin. He had no idea who I was , I think. He can hardly see.
He was squinting up at me.
But when I put everything down and picked him up, I heard that old rattle/purr start up .. he was glad to see me .

Minette mosied in like she had just come in from getting a manicure ... all aloof and girly.
But when I picked her up and kissed her, she butted heads with me and purred.
She is still my baby girl.

They aren't telling me what they did while I was gone.
The house looks ok .. I guess they took naps... ate a little... took another nap ... talked about how long I had been gone, took a nap.

It was not horrible being lost today.
In fact it was quite beautiful and pleasant ..
It was very nice coming home.
If anyone gets lost, keep the getting home part in mind.
It is worth the getting lost part.


  1. But being lost sometimes is nice if you have the time.
    Maybe get GPS on your phone ?

    The photos where lovely. Plus you had a lovely home coming.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. It sounds like you has a lovely time getting lost. Much harder now with GPS in everything, but sometimes it is good to just follow your nose and see where you end up.
    Arriving home is always good after an adventure, especially if you have some furry friends to say "hello, glad you are back" when you arrive.

  3. Good for you! You didn't get lost; you had an adventure. I always tell my kids that: no matter how roundabout I go, or where I get lost, I always, always get where I need to be. In life and on the road. And you strike me as the same.

    We used to live in Warwick; is in Orange County, NY. Was absolutely one of the most beautiful places....we live in Ohio now; was quite the adjustment but we decided to "bloom" where we were planted, and life has been much better.

    Always enjoy your blog...Elle

  4. Thank you Elle !
    One of my oldest friends here had a home in Warwick .. I thought of it as horse country :) How nice that you live there ! Bloom where you are planted is a good one ... I just have to either quit fighting it or make the change and try again.

  5. heti .... it is funny, how those 2 little cats make such a difference.
    parsnip, I think a GPS would just be something new to aggravate me.
    I want to simplify things .. like move to a city where I won't need a car lol

  6. While my car has a GPS, I prefer to keep maps in the side pocket. I love the serendipity of looking up a place and finding other places. And they're quite handy when you think you're on a wrong road in the country.

  7. Emm, yes, a map is good. I think there is one in the car. I wasn't that worried about it because the parkway was nearby ..

  8. I only continue to enjoy your posts more and more. The photos are wonderful too.


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