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Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Very Nice Day

I had visitors today.
I have not seen them in quite some time so it was a much looked forward to visit as well as the anticipation in seeing one of the visitors who is growing fast, starting to talk, walks and runs and already has a wicked sense of humor.
A twinkle in the eye .. on a little boy that small ... oh the wonder of him and what he will be when he grows up !

It was a lovely visit.
Good food, lots of laughs, fresh air, leaves, cats, baby kisses , and then goodbyes.
It was a very nice day.

The cats were not even upset ... they seemed to just accept the fact that the Little Human was not harmful or a threat and they were able to nap and whisper to each other with no one bothering them.

It is getting cold ... it feels like Winter.
I forgot I put things in the wash so I had to scurry down to the basement of fear and dread and throw them in the dryer.
Scurrying back up the stairs like a monster was right behind me.

Never again.
Wherever I live next, the laundry will be on the same floor as the kitchen and other rooms and it will be well lit, have finished ceilings and no dark corners .

I might accept the idea of a condo if that is what it takes.
A modern condo with fresh paint, finished everything and a good monthly exterminator .. that has an appeal.

Whether they speak English or Castellano, I will see what Fate has in store for me and the cats.


  1. Sounds like a fantastic day for humans and kitties alike :)
    There is a beautiful moon out tonight, maybe the furry babies will see some deer out the window.

  2. I have a tiny basement, just large enough for seasonal storage. Thank goodness it isn't scary. My laundry is in the garage which is quite a ways away but our weather is so temperate that it isn't a problem.

    How lovely you got to have a visit with your family, there is nothing quite like it to lift the spirits.

  3. How wonderful you had such a nice day! It's really great that your kitties were fine with little human :-)
    When I lived in the apartment, I had to walk outside to go to laundry facility. So I could never do laundry in the evening!


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