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Thursday, September 10, 2015

I Don't Know How To Say This ...

The house is not sold.
The buyer backed out.
I don't have to move.
I wanted to move.
But now I don't.
When I realized there was no one place that I really wanted to be ( besides Buenos Aires) I started feeling sad ... I was grasping at straws concerning where and why etc.

I was sitting on the floor , wrapping my treasures in Bubble Wrap.
The phone rang.

My world changed.
All the plans and worries and concerns ended ... right there.

I still have to be able to afford the house and everything but I can do it and when the timing is right and everything isn't a pain in the arse to manage, will be the time to go elsewhere.

So I am not at all sad. It never seemed quite right from the beginning.
The reasons were alright but I didn't have my heart in it.

I am so relieved and happy today.
No one is allowed to spoil that .. No One.

Thank you everyone who has been so encouraging and full of great advice and moving tips and location ideas. I am keeping them all. Because ... You Never Know ~

yay !!! we don't have to move !!
The back of the house looking out over an acre of gardens and trees.


  1. Fabulous! Go out and go shopping to celebrate!


    1. LOL !! I have all this bubble wrap. I might make curtains :)
      I sold my lawnmower !!! LOL

  2. Please tell me the evil realtor is not in the picture? That said, glad you are staying put. I see a pup coming to you in the immediate future. Besos.

    1. She is not and never will be in my picture again :)
      Yes .. puppy time is very near.
      yay !!!

  3. As long as you are happy, is the important thing.


    1. Thank you !
      I am SO happy right now.
      When those bills come this winter I might whine a bit but for right now I am so so happy.

  4. As long as you are happy is the most important thing.


  5. Very happy for you. Now you can breathe and take your time and think about moving.
    You can report the realtor to the Board of Realtors in your area and the office from where she works out of.

    chees, parsnip

  6. OMG!!!
    Are you kidding me???
    Get that nice man to get your lawnmower back for you...:o)
    How did they back out...after you had wanted to back out first???
    The soap opera continues...
    Come for a visit to my blog!
    Linda :o)

  7. Wow! So happy for you! :) Everything does work out like it is supposed to. Happy Happy Day. Now you can change back those light fixtures with pleasure.

  8. LOL Linda, I will be running down the street yelling Give me back my LawnMower !!!
    Now I will hire someone to do it for me .. worse things can happy. The guy next door can do it when he does his, our lawns meet anyway.
    I don't know how they backed out. I just got the phone call this am from the attorney telling me.
    I just called him to be sure there are no fees etc that would have to pay anyway and there are not.
    No soap opera. I prefer to think of it as a life drama :)
    Yes !! I can put my milk glass Deco fixture back up !!
    Neighbor next door told me to buy one of those heaters that looks like a fireplace and put it in the living room, that heats cheaper than the furnace (oil) .. or maybe I will take the cats and be a snow bird.
    I am sure my husband is smiling. and shaking his head. If he was here he would give me a big kiss.
    I wish he was here.

  9. You are happy & that's all that matters.!!!!


  10. Although I am not at all religious, I am a firm believer that everything happens to us for a reason...even if it is not always apparent at that moment what the reason is! Glad to hear you get more time to decide your next step, whatever it is...

    1. Thank you Vivian and I agree .. that is what my husband always said, Everything happens for a reason. I will muddle along here and maybe take a break away and go South .. or way South :)
      At least for right now I can relax and not feel like I am about to be homeless or sued by someone wanting my home :)
      I am giddy with relief.

  11. Well that was a roller coaster of a ride! So glad it's over. Being selfish, I was stressing for you. Now we both can relax! Enjoy the soon-to-be-fall.

  12. Thank you Anony, we are both allowed to be stress free now :)

  13. Wow!! What a relief. It never seemed to feel right - too much stress. I am sue the cats are as relieved as you are. No long car trip. And perhaps a winter escape for the worst of it. And I too believe things happen for a reason. Have fun putting the stuff away .

    1. My husband always said that. Things happen for a reason, even if we don't know the reason yet. And anything that hard to deal with could not have been a Good thing .. Good things should come easily. Thank you anony :)

  14. Wow, it may be like world going upside down, in a good way, for you!
    I'm happy that you are happy :-)

  15. I just spent a very peaceful and quiet time in the living room with nice music and cats keeping an eye on things, unwrapping all those small objects wrapped in bubble wrap. They were all so happy to be unwrapped and back in their places in the rooms. Minette is stalking Merlin ... life back to normal. Thank you everyone for being so supportive and sweet. I really appreciate it ..

  16. Never a dull moment when I check in on you!
    I am glad you are happy. I hope you can afford to stay in your lovely home, and maybe snowbird for the worst of the winter.
    Enjoy the beautiful New England autumn, and don't worry to much about the winter.
    Do the buyers have to pay you any compensation for backing out so late? Here they would forfeit their deposit.

    Anyway I am relieved for you, and glad you are happy and not so stressed.

  17. heti, the way things have been going, I am surprised no one is demanding that I pay ! lol
    I am just relieved. Compensation would be nice but I am just relieved. I didn't have a panic attack in the middle of the night .. I will be thankful for that.

  18. There are no words. Just be HAPPY.

  19. My gosh...what a roller coaster you have been on! Sit back and enjoy the reprieve, now you can take the time to really plan when and where you want to go if you do move. I am very happy for you.

    1. Thank you , and I don't even like roller coasters ! :)
      Tomorrow the men in hazmat suits will be here to remove/kill the swarm of bees outside the dining room doors.
      What next ?

  20. Ah, the wonders and gifts of this abundant Universe. Enjoy your home, that magic place filled with sweet memories. Cannot wait to see what are you going to find meant for you that is, when bringing your puppy home.

    1. I cannot wait to see too ! lol
      Thank you ..

  21. I have been following your blog, but never commented before. So happy that you are happy about staying there. The cats will love getting used to a new pup!!!, and so will your grand baby. You can take your time about moving when you are fully decided about where to go. (nelsonian)

    1. Hey there !! Thank you for commenting :)
      Yes, and while the winter creeps up on me, I will be figuring out how to take 2 cats with me to Argentina :)

  22. The wasps are gone, your cats are happy and the leaves will soon be wearing their most glorious outfits -- all good things to celebrate. Yes, go shopping! And bring home some sweet temptations from a local bakery.


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