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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Looking Back ..

With all this drama over buying , selling, backing out , real estate , I got *even more* homesick for Buenos Aires.
So here is a photo of our living room, as seen in the big mirror on the wall.
You can get an idea of why I am still a wee bit "homesick" for that home we had , in that city we loved. Yes, we brought everything back with us but the chandeliers.
I sure hope I can go back again for at least a visit. 


  1. I've been reading your blog for awhile but have not commented until now. What a lovely, lovely place. So golden and elegant. It reminds me of New Orleans a bit....another place that is famously welcoming to newcomers.

    If I could presume to give you any advice, I'd say, "Give yourself the space and time to decide what comes next for you. It does take time, and it takes the time it takes."

  2. I'm just thankful that you are thankful for what didn't happen after all Candice!

    Buenos Aires will always continue to call because you had a wonderful life there. the apt. was truly gorgeous. Keep your memories safe and close to your heart. I have a feeling you can now at least make plans to visit in the future - so look forward to planning a trip sometime soon.

    Hugs to you and the kitties - Mary

    1. Thank you Mary lol ... we are both so thankful !
      Buenos Aires calls because that is where I was happy but it is also where my friends are. I am too alone here. I am planning a trip back .. working on the possibilities of renting so I can take the kitties with me. I would love to spend the summer there, leave the snow behind here. hugs back at you !

  3. Thank you Jean ! Yes, it was lovely, I fell in love with it when we saw it the first time. With massive masculine black leather furniture and modern lamps .. but I saw the bones. We had such fun decorating . I went for everything French since the architect of the building was French and you can see the style is French.
    Yes, Time ... I want to spend it back where I was happy ..
    Thank you :)

  4. Plus those of us who have lived in other countries never really have just one "home" anymore, do we? I miss people and things and places from France and The Netherlands, the two countries where we spent a good bit of time...but then I miss the US when I'm away, for the same reasons. It's all good :-) !

  5. Exactly ! Vivian ! When I was in BA, I was homesick for things here in the US ... now I am homesick for things in BA.


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