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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Cecil the Lion and his brother

That dentist , the one who murdered Cecil ... he will be in trouble and it will cost him money but I doubt he will go to jail and I doubt that his life will change that much.
Oh well, yes, maybe he won't kill many endangered creatures, or maybe he will.
Seems he has plenty of money to spend on killing things.
If he had been my dentist, I would have been furious, that the money he was paid for being my dentist was spent on a safari to Kill a Lion !!
How crappy do you think this guys patients feel now ?
I wonder how small his practice just became ?
I hope he has no patients at all now.
No work, no money, no trips to kill animals. We can only hope.
I hear Zimbabwe wants the US to extradite him .. that would be poetic justice, no ?
This is Cecil with a lioness.

They say the reason why he was so popular was because he was so regal and and powerful, he was accustomed to humans, all those sightseers. He was relaxed around the people taking his photo.
He might not have been that worried when he saw two humans, carrying rifles .. this is just so sickening and tragic ..
People are used to things breaking or dying and going out and Getting Another One.
You can't always do that.
You can't go get another Cecil.
He is gone.
Wastefully, sadly, even tragically gone.
There is no other Cecil.
Imagine a world where there are no more other things .. because blatantly stupid , unfeeling, selfish, humans go out and kill them for fun.


  1. I have read reports that the lion killed today was not Jerichco. I hope those reports are right. The article in the Guardian newspaper says there should be confirmation coming that hopefully Cecil's brother is not dead. Still, even if Jericho is not dead, another lion is. This whole thing has made me sick.

  2. That poor excuse for a human has done something like this before. And got away with it.
    He has so much money that he could have put to good use, instead of stroking his vanity.
    What a super jerk.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Time wounds all heels and let us hope he hasn't yet felt the pain he will. Animal lovers and organizations have long memories; it is one reason I make nearly all my donations to animal welfare groups. Once voice doesn't make much of a difference, but many voices in unison will be heard.

  4. Jericho is not dead was a false report. He is tracked wearing the collar.

  5. Thank you for that update Anonymous ! It makes it all a tiny bit less horrible and sad.

  6. Will the last person to kill the last living thing other than a human on this planet then please do the rest of the universe a favour and make sure we don't export our killing spree beyond this planet.

    Ever looked up and wondered at all the stars. Then thought about all the planets that most be around them. I mean you can't begin to count them can you? But so far the only one we have any knowledge of at all where there is sophisticated life is here on this one and somehow we seem as the dominant lifeform here at the moment seem hell bent on screwing up the incredible luck we've been granted and 4 billion years of lucky and clever evolution...


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