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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Rest in Peace Cecil


  1. I am so mad over this.
    I was watching film of him where when he knew the cameras were on him he would pose and stand very still.
    He was very distinctive with his black mane, they knew he he was !
    What a loss.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Just when you think the world cannot get any sicker; some heartless coward takes the life of a beautiful creature like this lion. I am so glad he is not a relative of mine, senseless cruelty leaves me speechless.


  3. My heart is broken over the way magnificent Cecil died. My heart is also full of bitterness and hate (yes, know we're not supposed to 'hate' but I do here) toward a so-called man who would participate in something so despicable and brutal as hunting down beautiful animals, especially those who will soon be on the endangered species list. Having visited Zimbabwe twice I've seen the beautiful animals in their natural habitats - and I will never approach a zoo or circus again. I'm familiar with the way it works there regarding making money and lining the coffers of the government - through hunting no less. This educated, intelligent, medical man cannot pull the wool over my eyes, I know exactly how he did it and he was the only one to blame - he's done it before but I doubt he'll ever do it again!

    Cecil was special and the fall-out from all this won't stop with his death alone - it will continue with the culling of his bloodline by another male lion, but that's Nature and we have to accept it.

    Yes handsome Cecil, rest in peace and know you will be missed.

  4. It is unbelievable they let people hunt like that in Africa. He could have hunted one in America on the big game preserves. I just hope he loses everything.

  5. Arrogance and a sense of entitlement at its finest. My heart is broken for Cecil's passing and the way his life ended. Cecil will forever be in our hearts. Thank you for posting the lovely picture of Cecil.

  6. I was so shocked when I first saw this news item - in my innocence I had no idea that anybody still did this kind of thing, I had assumed that it was all part of our dark and dreadful past.

  7. I hope the dentist who killed Cecil gets what he deserves!

  8. Sad and horrible. The whole world is enraged. It is hard to understand such wanton destruction.


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