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Sunday, August 2, 2015

I Did Not Panic.

I decided today that it would be a good day to drive to that big beautiful mall in Albany where there are too many good shops and I can say hello to my old friends Pottery Barn and DSW, not to mention J Crew, Gap and everything else !

I was so excited, I dressed in things that are easy to take off in a dressing room in a speedy fashion.
Shoes that just slip off in order to try more on quickly.

The kitties were well fed, watered and pillowed.. The fan was left on in case it got too warm even for pussycats.

I googled the directions and wrote them down and off I went.

I just got home.
I never made it to the mall.
I don't know if I was ever that close to the mall.
I did see signs for Canada.

I started with a full tank of gas ... it is no longer full.

I finally found a way to turn around and go back .. except the way back had me on the wrong side of the Hudson River .. so I had to go across the scary bridge.
They are all scary to me but this one wins a prize for Scary.
I did not panic.

Then I got off at the wrong exit and ended up north of Hudson NY and driving on a side road.

Which took me past fabulous homes with views of the Hudson and little lighthouses on little islands on the River and finally Hudson NY .. where I got lost because of all their one ways streets ...
Keeping the idea in mind that the cats had food and water in various rooms in the house and it was hours til dark.
I did not panic.

I ended up in the wrong neighborhood in Hudson and sped up.
I found myself on a familiar road ... I sped up .
by the time I found my street, I was flying !

Subaru cars go fast.

I am home.
The cats grumbled about being bored, where was I , I said I would be right back, where was I , why did I leave them .... talk about whine with dinner !

They are all disgruntled and turning their backs on me at the moment.

Tomorrow they will be ok ... tonight actually, they will be nice so I will let them sleep on the bed with me.
Tomorrow I am going to shop online.

What is your favorite online shopping site ?
Sephora will be delivering to me this week ...
What else ... tell me your best shopping places ...


La Vie Quotidienne said...

Darn! I am so sorry that it all went wrong. Is there anyone that would go with you next time and show you the way. Although you didn't get there you get lots of points for even trying. When that kind of thing has happened to me I end up pulling over and just sit in the car and cry. Crossing over big bridges is the absolute scariest!

NotesFromAbroad said...

Thank you dearling,
I won't try it again alone, online and shopping with someone will be fine .
The bridge thing though .. I have had a great fear of going across high bridges for a while now and forgot it because we never crossed big bridges in Buenos Aires ... and my husband was driving here ... this long trip showed me how much I have not done since he died and that I can actually cross a terrifying bridge by myself. which makes me cry. I would rather he was here to see me do it .
The cats were happy to see me :)

Anonymous said...

How about getting a GPS or installing the WAZE app on your phone? Glad you didn't panic! Forget DSW..much more fun to order from zappos and trot around the house all day in multiple shoes and then return everything!

NotesFromAbroad said...

I will go on the Zappo site right away !
I have no idea what a WAZE is , I will look it up. Thanks.

angryparsnip said...

Oh My Goodness.
Being lost is scary but never give up and you didn't.
On bridges just look straight ahead and don't even look side to side.

I shop a lot on line because it is hard for me to get out.

The kitties were just miffed but happy when you got home.

cheers, parsnip

Mary said...

Yes, I was going to suggest a GPS or use your smartphone for directions! It would be nice to have someone else along - perhaps you can find a shopping pal for another try and make it a pleasant day out - but if you're heading for Canada remember you'll need your Passport!

I try to stay away from malls these days - in fact am not shopping anywhere near as much as used to. Somehow it doesn't excite me any longer - perhaps it's telling me I have enough 'stuff' in my life, for body and home, and now I seem to have more fun getting rid of things by donating to causes, or sharing with people I know who need things and don't have money to 'go shopping' for other than food and the bare necessities.

I was at World Market on Sat. for some of that Elderflower cordial (I found online that that my local store stocked it), but when I looked about at all the other offerings for the home, I thought "why?" and knew I didn't need any of it despite how attractive it looked on display.

I think I'm 'shopped out' for the time being. All I want now is cool weather so I can go back to my tried and true Fall/Winter wardrobe which is always my favorite - and I really don't need to buy a thing!

Hang in there Candice -

beyondbeige said...

Shopping on line is the bomb. More stuff available than in stores. And you get to see yourself in natural light with a decent mirror! Woot. That said get a gps stat. ox

NotesFromAbroad said...

My iPhone died when we moved in here .. I don't need a map or anything, I just have to be sure of where I am going next time. I managed when we drove from NY to Fl to Or so I am determined to manage here.
Or I am going back to BA and will take taxis and not worry about anything :)

beyondbeige said...

My other two dogs are a street dog we rescued in Mexico when she was a puppy. Not sure what she is. Just dog. lol The other is the boss our blind Jack Russell who rules the roost. Dogs rule cats... well whatever. :)

Rosemary said...

This reminds me of a retired man in the UK who set off on the M25 to visit his daughter living just an hour away. After a few hours his daughter reported him missing but it was another 30 hours before he was eventually found. He had left the M25 on the wrong junction and ended up in south London without a clue as to where he was.
I think that you showed guts and spirit in the face of adversity, I am sure it was a scary experience. You must have been grateful when you discovered your home again.
My new car has a sat nav that actually speaks to me and tells me if I go wrong - it can be quite unnerving, but keeps me on the straight and narrow along roads that I am unfamiliar with.

NotesFromAbroad said...

Rosemary, I was SO grateful when I started to see signs of familiar places again.
All I could think about was the cats being hungry and how long it would take anyone to realize I was missing :(
My husband hated things in the car that talked to him lol ... except me of course .. so I did the map / directions that he looked up before we left the house and he drove.
Another reminder of how much my life has changed and I don't like it .

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