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Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Bedtime Story

This will give you something to read before you go to sleep.

I was watching Suits. The show was over. It was quiet. I was lying on the sofa petting a big hairy cat. Then I heard it.

2 gunshots.
At night.
Where I live.

I jumped up and turned on the lights to be sure someone knew there was a house here and ran for the phone and called the police.

There is a farm just up the street, with a lot of nice animals.
There are old people around me and families and who the Hell is shooting a gun at night here ???

The police woman ( a mere girl but about 6ft tall) came to the door.
She was super nice and curious also about who would be shooting at night.

Then another car came, they both went patrolling.

I don't think this is fun.
I don't want to be alone in a house with 2 cats with someone shooting a gun/rifle outside ...

Time to move.
I don't want to move.
I have to move.
Better move.

The cats and I are off to bed.
I will tell them the story of the Cat that went to Argentina and learned to Tango.
He was a very handsome cat and all the kitties loved him and wanted him to dance with them.
But he only had eyes for one kitty.
A Southern kitty.
She knew he liked her but she pretended not to notice.
Then he asked her to dance.
They fell in love. Dancing together through the years, having 2 little kitties of their own.
Then one day, he died.
And the poor little girl kitty was lost and forlorn and so very sad.
So she decided to leave home and go to  dance in a new place.

to be continued ~


  1. Just try and remember- Kitties have 9 lives :)
    You've got more to go. Different life, but still more to go.

  2. You're in a rural area, it could have been someone shooting at rats or other critters. On the other hand, it's also America, home of the unregulated gun industry. Good thing you've moving soon. :-)

  3. Funny, I just got upset with the insulting remarks by commenters on another blog about guns in America. I think most Americans know it is a problem . Last night I wished I had one. But that does not make me some shoot em up gun happy idiot .

  4. I think most Americans know it is a problem . Last night I wished I had one. But that does not make me some shoot em up gun happy idiot .

    I never, for one minute thought it did jx

  5. No John, it does not and never did. besos.


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