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Friday, August 28, 2015

A View

Looking out the French doors in the living room in our apartment in Buenos Aires.
Tate liked stepping out and looking down at the street, the people across the street .
My husband was so happy when we moved and settled in and across the street was an ice cream shop. He was a total ice cream lover. The ice cream in Buenos Aires was excellent. I know because we tested it just about every day. Some were better than others but I don't remember ever having any that was bad.
That view fulfilled my wishes for living in Paris. as far as the look of things.
I am very homesick for Buenos Aires and I am comforted by the fact that by living in Florida, my trip to visit BA will be less expensive or at least not as long ..
Soon we will start talking about decorating a condo in Florida .
One that is located on a Nature Preserve. 
Birds, lots of birds.
My cats will thank me every day for moving South.
I am working on sticking to all the positives and not thinking about the negatives.
There will be Happiness again .. 


angryparsnip said...

That is a beautiful window and view !
Yes, big windows for kitties to look out of !
Do you have an idea of were in Florida your are moving to.

cheers, parsnip

La Vie Quotidienne said...

What a wonderful view, it is easy to understand why you miss living there so much. This move sounds right...very exciting and no more snowed in winters!

MyriamC said...

Sticking to all the positives is a good attitude. Be confident, there will be happiness again in your life.
I so hope you get to live close to your daughter ...

NotesFromAbroad said...

North Florida, not too far from the Coast.

Florida is a shorter flight to Buenos Aires than NY :)

I am so not confidant these days Mym ... hopefully it will improve. My poor daughter :)

Tamago said...

That is such a beautiful view. And ice cream shop across the's perfect! I hope you enjoy living in Florida. I'm sure your kitties love warm weather and lots of birds :-)

Thank you for your visit. It's so nice to meet you. Your Minette and our Goro look like a twin!

Mary said...

What a beautiful view. Big hug Candice! :)

Gloria said...

Oh my gosh! You are moving to Jacksonville? I spent my childhood there from 1st grade through high school graduation. 7/8 of my family still reside in the area and I visit often. About five years ago I bought a cottage in Neptune Beach and restored and remodeled it and sold it for a handsome return.

I know so much about the area, it will be REALLY FUN following your new life there. I look forward to your many photographs too!

Your biggest fan
Gloria N.
(The Troll)

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