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Friday, July 10, 2015

Crow Cottage - good Stuff

If anyone is in Chatham New York this weekend , go to Crow Cottage.
This is my favorite store up here.
I buy things, some small ,some not so small.
I have lots of plans for things to go in my next home, as soon as that happens !
The actual Real Estate things  are moving too slowly  , I can't even discuss it.

So I visited Crow Cottage once , over a year ago. I fell in love.
It is full of Stuff ! full of wonderful charming, artsy , folksy , sweet, nice Stuff.

So if you are in the neighborhood ... stop there and enjoy it and enjoy the lady that owns it.
I love her. She is one of those people that you meet now and then and think about and realize that they are really good.
Don't tell her I said that. She will get all bashful .
But say something to her that will make her laugh, she has a great laugh.

So go .. to Crow Cottage.. # 5 Main Street, Chatham , NY


  1. That looks like a shop I would love to visit Candice - BUT at present I'm trying to downsize and get rid of 'stuff' so I must keep my distance!

    The cats are so cute - I love your stories about their interaction.

    How's it going regarding the house sale - I'm behind with your news having been away so much? They just totally rehabbed an older house on our street (owner died) and it was Under Contract the first day it went on the market on Wed. Now the For Sale has been removed so sold in one day!! Wow, our neighborhood is a hotbed area now and younger families are wanting to move in which is good. I would sell in a heartbeat and move to a condo on one level with no garden - BUT I can't talk the man of the house into it yet!!!

    Hang in there dear - better days are ahead. Glad the little one came to visit - know you all had a fun time.
    Hugs - Mary

  2. Thank you Mary !
    The house sale is going slow .. very slow. The broker seems to be more interested in fun with the grandkids.
    My husband used to always say that If it was meant to be it would happen .. whatever it was. So I hang on to that, it will happen eventually and I am not suffering living here :)
    I do want to live on one of those other houses though !


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