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Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Weekend

We walked past this building almost every day. It is  near the parks. My day dream was to live there, on the top floor.

I drive around where I live now. There are rarely any houses that make me daydream.
None of them allow me to pretend that I am really living in Paris or Italy or Buenos Aires.

Some make me think it would be like living in the 1800s or maybe in another state but none can transport me like the buildings in Buenos Aires.

I have been vaguely house hunting.
I found one house that I will like. I found a condo that has possibilities.
The house is perfect for an old woman and her cats.
The Condo is too.

The house is in a town that is hardly a town, a cafe, market, church, gallery and I think that is it.
But it is a gorgeous town.
The house is on a street that is forest and river on one side, homes on the other.
Old Victorians, grand old homes and then a few smaller quirky homes then the one I like, a "Sears House". I have never heard of such a thing.
I am a lover of the Arts  & Crafts style and have a few things from my Great grandmother that would fit very nicely in a home of that style.
A house with a fireplace ... which as we all know .. is not just a luxury up here ..
A small house with a mountain behind it and a forest in front ..

The condo is in a town that is brimming over with History and homes from the early days of the United States .. before there were even States.
Traitors and heroes and Presidents, they were all here at one time and they left their homes and legacies too.
I want to live in a town where I can walk more and drive less.
Either of these houses will do, although the Condo is in a better area for walking.

I try to imagine myself a few years from now - an old woman with her cats and maybe a little dog.
Do I want to be in a Condo ? or do I want to be in a little house with a little garden and a porch and nature all around me ?
This is one that is going to have to be decided by fate.
Whenever this house finally sells, whatever is still available might be the one I will grab.

In the meantime, my realtor has ignored me .. no one has looked at the house and I am at a loss as to how to go about fixing it.
But then I think, I am not being tortured living here, I will just wait and see.

I have my hands full these days anyway- 2 cats who do not see eye to eye on things .. a garden that is going wild, you can watch things grow just sitting there and looking at it.
Deer visit, many chipmunks and squirrels and hopefully no bears.

When the warning came out for people not to leave their dogs out at night because of the bears, I considered an apartment in the City. any City .

It is Saturday. That used to be exciting. Now it is just another day.
For those readers who are happy it is finally Saturday- Have a great day !!

I will be going for a walk, to see the Highland calves up the hill.
The horse and I have a chat and the sheep eavesdrop and the little lambs all run around yelling.
It is very pleasant up there.

Have a good weekend !


donna baker said...

Same here. No one looking. I have 1 1/2 months left on contract with realtor and will not renew with her. She priced it too high and now lost all lookers that could afford it. I would love to live near a beach, but will definitely not live in a condo. I have to have more space. Who knows where I'll end up though. Large place too hard to take care of and I don't even know what I can afford. I don't think you ever have enough to retire on.

NotesFromAbroad said...

That is exactly what happened here. It was listed way too high, now it is lower and she keeps going on holidays. This condo is bigger than the house .. 2 bed 2 bath fireplace, dining room etc .. the view , across the street a park and then as far as you can see, mountains, valleys, forests.
The buildings themselves are sort of vintage, having been built as one thing then converted into homes.
It is actually bigger than the house I am looking at ..

Emm said...

a "Sears House" -- look for "Sears Kit house". They were popular early 20th century, fairly standardized designs intended to be affordable. A good one now is a real find.

NotesFromAbroad said...

Yes, Emm, exactly ! I love it .. a solid little house with crown molding and beautiful wood .. this one has a few modernized touches but both owners are artists and they redid things very simply and blending in with the original. The only thing I want to do is the outside, there are quite a lot of gardening possibilities .. It would be perfect for me.
The other is quite nice too .. more modern but in a fabulous location in a fabulous town.
And nothing to do but decorate :)

Anonymous said...

Dear NotesFromABroad,

I would like to thank you for your writings. They are so restful and serene, I find myself wanting to be like you and to live life like you. Currently I am still stuck in that humdrum work life. But, soon ...!

Thank you for your bits of peaceful "rest stops".


NotesFromAbroad said...

Thank you so much , Michele.. how very kind of you .. I would like to be more serene if truth be told. But there are days that it happens !

Anonymous said...

That Sears House is known as a Craftsman House. They are enjoying a revival in popularity and people are doing careful and tasteful upgrades.

NotesFromAbroad said...

Thanks Anony, Yes, I know. I am a great fan of Craftsman homes etc. I have many of my great grandmothers things that will fit in nicely in that house.

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