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Alan Cohen
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Thursday, July 9, 2015

That Cat

Someone would like for me to return That Cat,  who is , at the moment, sleeping on Her new bed.
I am not sure if she will ever forgive me for bringing him into her home.
He is the sweetest, slowest moving cat I have ever seen and I am totally in love with him.
She seems to know this.
She gets to sleep with me on My bed and I tell her I love her all the time but she is jealous.

This is my world these days.
Cat world.
I guess there could be worse things. Actually, I know there are worse things. Cat world is fine.

Todays adventure will be following the directions that I got off the Mapquest thing online and see if I can manage to get to the really nice Mall where I can buy new jeans and perhaps .. oh , I don't know, it is a Mall ... it will just be so nice to be in a Mall. Like the old days. sort of.

Minette will be here with That Cat. I should leave a video camera running .. see what really goes on when I am not here .

I had family here yesterday and it was delightful. I miss seeing them more often and sadly, we are a tiny family now, so we have to remember to stay close and see each other as often as possible.
I am one of the Lucky Ones. I adore my In-laws.
There are not that many of them , sadly but the ones I have are the Best !
I was accepted the minute they met me, I was loved.
I never felt that they did not love me and that has been so comforting these past couple of years.
I wish everyone had such good in-laws.

My USA Gap jeans fell apart ! My jeans from Argentina are still going strong, what happened with the Gap ??

So while I am at the mall, I might wander past a makeup counter or something .. there is this store called DSW which I am sure Everyone is familiar with .. I will probably stop by, you know, old times sake and all that.

Well.. guess I had better start getting ready - I have highways to figure out and kitties to give instructions to .. you know, stay out of the bread box, no fighting , stay out of my closet .. no fighting.

So I did not go to the mall.
I went to the market first ...
I came home to men ... men in the yard, men in the street and a man in one of the trees.
I was so glad to see these particular men.
My property is lined with trees. I don't actually know how many, there are so many.
But a lot of them are dead or dying from that blight that certain pines get.
The one on the end of the line that was totally dead, was close enough to the street that the town did me the great favor, even though I didn't actually ask them to do it ... they cut the tree down.
It took a very long time, with quite a few men and when they left, there is no sign that a tree ever stood there, the stump is hidden in the ivy.

Then it started to rain.

It will be a nice cozy evening in with the kitties, PBS mysteries and perhaps something chocolate.


  1. I was a lucky one as well. I absolutely adored my mother-in-law and always felt she was my biggest fan. Have fun at the mall! Finding a new lipstick is always a great pick-me-up.

  2. Leslie, it is a gift. . having in laws like that. My own mother never made me feel as loved as my in laws do !

    Oh don't mention lipstick ! lol ... I am on a coral kick now.


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