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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Meanwhile in China

A woman spent £630 on 100 dogs to stop them being killed and served up as food at a controversial festival in China.
Retired school teacher Yang Xiaoyun travelled 1,500 miles from her home in Tiankin, China, to a dog meat festival in Yulin in an attempt to save the animals.
Photos from the event show Xiaoyun, 65, walking past cages where the dogs were being kept as she made her purchases to free them.
Animal rights activists have condemned the annual festival, where up to 10,000 dogs are killed each year for consumers.


  1. I read about this "festival" yesterday. I am so disgusted. Thank god for this woman.

  2. Thanks orangetravelcat !
    I think this will make me think twice before I even eat in Chinatown NY !!

  3. She has so much courage! Thanks for letting us know about her.

  4. I love your commitment to the dogs of the world and sharing this sometimes painful information with us. Who speaks for those without voice has power. Thanks again

  5. Heart warming to know there are still people who love those who can't speak for themselves. Wouldn't the world be a better place with more people like her. There is a horse sanctuary in Australia that rescues abandoned horses & the lady that runs it has truly found her calling. She thinks nothing of spending the night in the stall with a frightened horse. If I won the lottery I would mail a massive cheque to her & other places that care for the forgotten creatures who give so much. Sorry for rambling on.


  6. Barbara, I live near the Equine Advocates. Same idea ... so so fabulous. And I totally agree, if I had lottery sized money ..

  7. Just another reason why I will never visit China even if someone offered to pay for my travel there. Between the lack of respect and compassion for animals they also trade heavily in ivory and Rhino horns.


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