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Sunday, June 21, 2015

It is nice to have a Tree Guy

So my weekend in solitary has been productive, the kitties are thrilled to have me all to themselves and my garden will probably never get over it.

When the weather is good it is nice to be able to go out and appreciate being able to do something productive in one's garden.
It is nice to stand and look out the window at the end of the day and admire ones handiwork.
Those sore muscles show how out of shape a person can get when there is nothing much to do everyday but talk to cats.
Most chores in the garden are left to the wonderful man who rides my lawnmower all over the place at high speeds and cuts things and fixes things for me.

But I happen to love pruning and trimming .. There is .... well ... there was this shrubbery outside my kitchen window.
The same (yew) as the long hedge that grew down the side of my driveway that began to threaten to take over the driveway and then the road and then the world.

M ( the gardener man) spent a whole day with power tools and muscles and got rid of that for me.
I plan on planting variegated ivy along that strip ...
There is the garage, that strip , then a small, tiny stone wall. Ivy will be perfect.

So in the back, outside my Starship Enterprise kitchen windows,  is this yew ... it was growing above the window / counter height .. making it over 6 feet high ..

Yesterday the thought occurred to me ... You Can Do It !! so I went out there and started chopping.
My G*D !! Now when you stand at the counter, it is like you can see forever ... in all directions but behind you. I did not stop telling myself how truly brilliant I am.

So today, I cut some branches off the dogwood which was struggling with the weight  and lightened it up a bit, it is now standing with arms raised ! yay !!
And there are wheelbarrows and piles of branches all over back there.
M the Gardener will have to do that part ... I have run  out of steam.

But it looks frabulous and I love it .

I will call the Tree Guy who will come remove the base/roots and chop everything up that I now have lying in the yard.
( He cut down and removed 7 trees when we moved in .. to give you an idea of what kind of tree filled property this is )
It is nice to have a Tree Guy.


  1. Good for you! The pictures look lovely. And don't worry, your place will sell when the time is right. It always works out that way!

  2. Anony, thank you :) That is so true. . when the time is right.

  3. Good job! Looks beautiful.


  4. Thanks for your blog, I don't remember where or when I came across your blog. Thanks for sharing and my best to you and yours.

  5. sorry for not signing...
    Sincerely, Richard O.usa

  6. Richard O ... thank you very much. muchas besos :)


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