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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Down on the farm ...

She thinks he is her mother. He rescued her when she was a baby ..
I guess the dog is her brother ?
I have been reading a lot of articles about cruelty to animals.
The sort like this, where they take babies barely able to walk . away from their mothers because they use the mothers for milk and hideous things that I couldn't bear to read about.

Funny, I never knew a vegetarian, I grew up in the South .. everyone ate everything.
With gravy.
And biscuits.

Then I met my husband.

We drove through the South one time, about 30 years ago, stopped at a place and my husband ordered something and asked, does it have meat in it ? and the waiter said no.
When it arrived, it had some sort of meat in it.
My husband said something to the waiter and gave it back to him and the waiter said that ain't meat , that's pork.

I always liked the idea that my husband looked at least 20 years younger than he was ... always.
He never looked his age.

The benefit that I never thought of was that I am so healthy and have no weight issues.

Nowadays .. I am surrounded by farms and see the animals all the time. I like them.
I like the dairy that has ten thousand gazillion cows that all look alike and they do nothing all day but eat and give milk.
What a life  ... haha ~

The farm up the hill is populated by animals that the owner has rescued.
He started out with a couple of Highland Cattle, now he has more. and babies.

There are sheep and goats and  one lone horse.
Covered in scars and his mane is a mess and his tail is sort of bad looking too.
But he has nothing to worry about .. he hangs out with sheep all day and eats all the hay and oats he wants.
And no one bothers him .. except me ... I talk to him.
I tell him stories .. he likes that.
The sheep don't like it so much , they wants a quick short story and mine are too long winded.

So I will just tell them what I did this morning and leave it at that.
They come to the fence when they see me walking up the hill.
I have fans.
The horse comes over to me but I rarely have anything to give him so he meanders off after a while .. Remember that, if you visit a horse, bring something !

I want to touch the babies, the lambs are too cute. The mama walks away and the baby suddenly realizes that mama is not so close ... they dash after her, wobbling and stumbling and bleating those little baby maaah maaahs  ... There is one black sheep and her  little baby lamb.
Yes, it goes Baa Baa Baa  ~

So that's about it for today- down on the farm ..


  1. I didn't eat red meat for five years, but had a burger and the rest was history. The whole animal system is cruel no matter what they say. The agri-businesses only care about the bottom line and nothing about the animals. I rescued a small kitten and Buzzy still tries to 'nurse' on my hand and he is one fat cat.

  2. My husband stopped eating meat in the early 1960s and when I met him I ate everything ... eventually it just evolved .. I ate only fish and chicken but since he died, I have no appetite and never feel like cooking much. so salads, sandwiches etc are easy and chicken/fish just became less interesting. I haven't eaten chicken in at least a year and a half .. sometimes I buy a nice piece of salmon and roast that .. otherwise, I have my favorite dishes that are quick easy and tasty.
    I got tired of people telling me to eat ... can you imagine ? ! lol

    that is so sweet that Buzzy tries to nurse, he thinks of you as mama

  3. Thank you for your post at my Blog...on the words by Robert Frost to my friend Amanda. August 13, 2015 will be 10 years since Amanda died in a car accident in Belgium...her home. I think of her everyday and miss her. I could continue but again thank you for your post.
    Wishing you and yours the best.
    Sincerely, Richard O.usa

  4. I've been mostly vegetarian for 28 years. I'll have a piece of fish if I'm out but can't stand the thought of beautiful creatures slaughtered and then presented on my table. Love your blog. Thank you for your post.

    PS Currently I have three kitties and one dog living in my small house.


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