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Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Night ...

Friday Night Date Night  !
That is what my husband would say on Fridays.
When he was working, he would kiss me goodbye and whisper in my ear, Friday Night Date Night ... reminding me that we had a night out planned, a fun weekend ahead .. sometimes it was just staying in and watching favorite movies .. cuddling by the fireplace or in Buenos Aires, taking Tate for a walk to the park just as it was getting dark, watching the stars start to appear.
The skies are so clean and so clear in Buenos Aires, that a starry night was always spectacular .. all year round.

Taking the dog for a walk, making the trip back home through the park where lovers would be strolling, sitting on benches, families buying ice cream for the children, musicians along the Recoleta Cemetery walls, setting up their little space and playing fabulous music.
Tate would stop and listen to the music.
That never failed to crack my husband and I up ... that Pup liked music !
We thought he only liked Classical ... but Tango seemed to please him too .

Now my Fridays are so different, it is as if I left all that behind on Earth and traveled alone to another planet.
No one familiar, no place familiar , no Tango .. no beloved dog or husband ..

I have high hopes for a buyer for the house.
I don't know why, they have not seen the house yet, I might just be deluded by this waiting and hoping for so long.
All my hopes are pinned on a stranger buying my house.
So I can, in turn, buy a little house ... and then maybe Minette and I will get a pup .. and start our new lives ... again.

So let's see what happens today ... Friday ... when the house hunters come.

Minette is sleeping in the Garden Room in her bed.
Next to the bed is a smaller bed, with sweet Merlin snoring away, spilling over the sides.
He isn't that big, it is all that hair .. long soft hair.
He is absolutely the most lovable creature .. he just squints at me with those pale blue eyes and I am putty in his paws.
Even Minette seems to be mellowing .. that could also be because she and I had a love- in this morning .. she got to sleep next to my head on the pillow.
I didn't have the energy to argue with her.
So I fell back to sleep to the sound of purring .. loud purring.

TGIF ... hope your weekend is full of snuggles and love and fun.


  1. It must be very frustrating to have to wait so long to have that buyer come and buy your house! Hope it will happen this weekend.
    My new kitten is two days old! Now I just have to wait a little while and fly to California to get her!

  2. You have to show photos of your kitten when you have her home with you !
    congratulations :)

  3. I often wonder what attracted your husband to your home. There must be some quality that made it especially appealing. Someone else is sure to find it too.

  4. I think growing up in NYC and not in a ranch house might have something to do with it :) He liked it .. especially for the grounds, which are fabulous.


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