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Alan Cohen
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Saturday, June 13, 2015

I can dream

What a day !
One of those perfect early Summer days .. the air is sparkling clear, the sky is blue with just a few puffy clouds floating by.
Everything is green, dark green , light green, bright green and flowers everywhere ! In  gardens, along the road, in trees and in shrubs.
The air is scented with  flowers.
All except up the hill at the farm, the air has a different scent but not too bad.
There are so many babies !! baby goats, baby lambs, baby Highland Cattle.. adorable, shaggy little babies.
The Horse stands among them, you can think he is oblivious to them all or just so much One of Them that he just hangs out , they all hang out together. No arguments, no bad feelings .. no one complains about the others noisy children and no one moans about the noise.
They are muy contenta.

My little farm animals could learn a lesson .. maybe I will take them up to the farm and let them spend a day with them ... they will see how good their lives are .. they will think twice before starting a jealous fit in the middle of the night ... this morning ... early in the morning .. sweet little old Merlin came to the bed, croaking out a small meow .. uhoh .. what did Minette do ?
Nothing .. she was sitting there waiting for him to ask me to get up now and feed them.

They just might have bonded .. regardless of Minettes hiss last night when I made her sit right next to him for a minute .. God forbid she would get boy cat cooties if she sat next to him for one stinking minute !!!!!

OK .. I am fine now.

Tomorrow house hunters will be here at noon.
Their agent will be with them but my agents will not be attending. They finally figured it out - I can do it myself.
So while they are busy with all the other Sunday real estate shoppers, I will get to handle 2 sets of them !! I am so psyched !! I can do this and really - who better ?

Something tells me that no one will give me a commission though .. hmmmm...

Things will get complicated and exciting and stressful again, I have to get a signed with big deposit deal with my buyers then turn around and do the same thing on the little house for me.

Please Oh Gods of Real Estate- let this all work out ... easily ... perfectly ... fast.

Minette is not interested ... she yawned when I was telling her about it.
Of course, she yawns a lot anyway.
Little insane Merlin just looked at me for a second then tried to bite my nose.
He also stares at my lips when I talk to him, making me jittery ..  I don't want cat bites on my lips.
What will I tell people ? Oh , the cat bit me ( yeah lady , sure ) or .. I have this new kitten, she bites me ( Uh huh ... I have a very nice doctor I want you to call )

They were selling Dahlias at the grocery store .. big pots full for $9.99.
In the most fabulous colors.
I need to be in my new home .. I would plant dahlias everywhere .. I have such plans for that house.
But no ... I can't think that way .. I have to wait and see.
Don't get my hopes up ...
Don't dream .

Morning glories outside the kitchen windows, dahlias all along the side of the house in big pots, at the front, ivy and geraniums .. 


  1. I hope very soon we will see a post titled 'Sold'! That will be such an exciting day!

    I think my three cats have some kind of schedule as to who will try to wake me up. The two big guys take turns, and if I don't budge and they get desperate, they send in the baby.

  2. LOL !! Minette is the baby in our house now and she definitely is the one who wakes me up .. and poor Merlin too. He is a sleepy head .. I cannot get over how sweet he is. Slow moving , quiet and sweet as can be. I adore Minette but she is pretty much the opposite of those things . . although she can be sweet. . when she wants to be.


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