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Alan Cohen
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Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday night - Date night

My husband used to come home from work and bring me flowers.
He would say. Friday night, date night :)
We would sometimes go out for dinner but he always made it fun .. I miss that.
There isn't a huge amount of fun in my life these days.

Today was frustrating and I did get something accomplished although I hope I don't get that awful illness you get from breathing in mouse droppings ..
I put a scarf over my face, I looked like a bank robber but I swept and used the leaf blower and cleaned out the garage ... the side with my car in it and the door to the house.

It was not filthy, just dusty. Leaves were dried and lying on the floor .. old paint cans on a work table, dirty tools .. let's face it, I was not raised to worry about how the garage looked.

So I used the leaf blower and mercilessly threw things away and even lined the shovels and rakes up on the hooks on the walls according to size. . . my anal tendencies were going wild for a while there.

I will decorate .. there is a large shelf by the garage/kitchen door .. I have it covered with dark paper and I have 2 empty flower pots .. so I am going to put more empty flower pots there and the little hand trowel , things that are part of gardening chores. And the big green watering can.
It will have a tiny bit of garage charm .

Someone looked at the house the other day - they liked it.
Someone is coming Sunday at noon.

Let's all cross our fingers ... you just don't know how tired I am of this.
Plus I am tired of worrying about where will I live when it sells and all the dozens of things there are to worry about plus a few I probably made up just to be sure I am well stocked on worries.

 I will be so happy when this is over. I want to be decorating and buying flowers for the little house.
I want to be making a garden . I want to find a comfy rocking chair to go on the big porch and I want to sit out there evenings with the cats and listen to music and just relax and stop worrying .
What a treat that will be. I am so tired of worrying.

Minette has been sleeping in the new baby's bed.
The new baby is sleeping in one of her beds.
I guess they are agreeing or just playing tit for tat.
She still gives him dirty looks when he walks into the room.
She sure holds a grudge.
That's my baby.

So what are you doing this weekend ? Do you have a date ??

This is the pool that has not been cleaned.. but there are flowers and it is very green there now.
I may not have to do the cleaning .. the realtor keeps flopping around on that issue but I have someone to do it now so I don't care ..


  1. Glad you are having some people looking at your house! Good luck!

  2. My fingers are firmly crossed, and my thumbs are turning (the Dutch equivalent of crossed fingers) though doing both makes typing tricky!
    Good luck with the buyers. At least you are getting a few again.


  3. Glad you are keeping busy. It makes me feel so much better to accomplish things I put off. Wish I had two lookers at my house. The last one said they didn't like some of the houses (hovels) in the neighborhood and there is not a thing I can do about that.


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