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Monday, June 15, 2015


Sometimes I just hate people. Not people that I actually know or have met but   people   who are mean and cruel and judgemental.

I read about a child who has this horrific syndrome where his skin just blisters and it is very painful. The way to relieve it is to cut the blisters .
Now how would you like to be that mother ? forget about how would anyone want to be like that little kid !

So she wrote about it and it was published online.
How difficult it is to teach your child that it is OK to cry. It hurts. He is 6 years old for god's sake.. he doesn't want to cry because people will call him a crybaby.
God bless him .. a little bitty boy and he is picked on for crying when his skin bubbles up and hurts.
Then his mama has to cut the blisters .. with a very sharp razor like object.
I would cry!
He told his mama that he wasn't brave because he cried. That makes me cry while I write this.

We have to teach our children compassion. We have to show compassion ..   children   learn from example. . good and bad.
Stop being critical of other people in front of your children.
Stop making unpleasant comments about other people in front of your children.
One day your child will say something and you will be astonished ! where did he learn to say something like that ??
Well, he heard you say it. You taught him. Hope that what he said is good and kind.


  1. They say that children are mean, but who raised them? Guess that is why I prefer the company of animals.

  2. Oh Donna, that is the Truth ! Shame on the adults who raise uncaring, unkind children.

    My animals are enjoying a rainy day .. talk about cat naps !! I might take one myself .. later.


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