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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Be An Angel


I see stories like this and get so frustrated, they are always out in California or somewhere impossible for me to get to .. If anyone in California reads this ... be an Angel .. help him.


  1. Sometimes people really suck! A friend saw a dog get pushed out of a truck a few days ago, then the driver sped off. Long story short, she's keeping him and he is apparently a wonderful, loving dog

  2. Thank you Anony .. We need stories like that , to counteract the sadness in the stories of rejection and abandonment .. Your friend is an angel ..

  3. Anony, I read something on yahoo, a similar story about the dog being pushed out of the truck and abandoned and the person who found it, kept it .. proof that there really are angels around :)

  4. Just checked the link and hope he's been adopted because he no longer comes up! Power of the internet!! You go Candice.......

  5. Hi Candice - I posted the link on my Facebook page and asked my animal loving friends to share it as well. I think this precious little darling has been adopted. I think I mentioned before my Lette was dumped at a high kill shelter by her family at age 5 1/2 with a broken leg. She was on the euthanasia list with Stray Cat Alliance came to her rescue and the rest is history. I have had her for 2 years and she has been a challenge but she is always making progress and I love her to pieces.
    I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for all the love you have for God's fur children.

  6. Both my cats are from shelters.. my latest .. my little old man was just sitting and waiting for old age to claim him. He is so sweet and gentle and patient and slow lol .. I am completely in love with him and I think he loves me too. Minette is undecided.
    I see no reason for pets to be unloved and for "shelters" to kill them. Where in the word SHELTER does it mean You Die ?

  7. Candice - Good news! The darling dog was adopted on Thursday, June 18th. A couple of my friends were interested and called the shelter to find out the status of the dog, only to be told had been adopted and very happy in new home. It's a good feeling knowing so many of my friends have such compassion in their hearts for animals, especially the homeless ones.

  8. Hurray !!!!!! Thank you dearling for finding out and for letting me / us know. There are still angels in the world ,


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