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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Good Years

I am hard put to decide which view I prefer ... the one I have now, trees in a line along a country road, trees all around the property with fields behind and beyond that, forests.
One house in sight.

I prefer the view above.
There is life there .. beauty and music and movement and laughter .

I was never bored in Buenos Aires .. there was always something happening.
I felt safe, I loved my neighbors and they took such sweet care of us .. being sure we knew what was going on with our building and neighborhood goings on.

Our neighbors on the street all insisted on coming out and petting Pup whenever they saw us walking with him.

He just loved everything, he was so happy there .. so was my husband ... so was I.

They were Very Good Years, the time we spent in Buenos Aires.


  1. That view is stunning! I just read that you made a decision on where to move- Congratulations! I have fingers and toes crossed that someone stops by soon to buy your home. It only takes one offer. I too am in FL (SWFL) hope your area is just as nice!

  2. Thank you Carrie !
    Little real estate pixies came by while I was out and left a very tasteful For Sale sign in my side yard.
    I have hope .. I need some warmish weather .. I am not asking for hot but anything is better than this .. today .. dark clouds and windy and flurries ..

  3. Thank you angie ... those were my french doors in my living room looking across Ave Pueyrredon at the building across the street.


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