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Alan Cohen
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I'm Lost and Weird

I wish I could send that message to my husband.
He would know what I mean .. he would know the only Fixing it, would be to come home and take me out to dinner .

It has rained all day. Getting colder as the day went by.
God and I made a deal, no more whining and no more snow.
I am keeping my part of the bargain.. although I did blame Minette for the muttering this morning, about going out in the rain  .

So thanks to the rain ..
I chipped stupid children's fish decals made of clay , off the second bathroom shower tiles.
More work is needed ..
I might go buy something nice and put it over it  ( aka ..the   "sweeping it under the rug" option).

It has a lot of good things about it, that bath .. huge spa tub, deco wall tiles that are  turquoise blue with black trim, white walls , pedestal sink .. huge wall cabinet with mirrors and a nice window looking out on the fern garden.

No one is buying my house.
No one is looking.
The realtor says it is not just me.
Is she saying that to keep me from throwing myself into the spa tub ?
I could stay there and just shrivel up ..
Whilst enjoying the sight of the ferns .

Minette got bored today too.
So what do you do when you are a bored kitten ?
Walk up mama ... nuzzle and be sweet ... when her defenses are down, bite her on the nose.

Sorry, that reminds me, gotta go change my nose bandaid.


Anonymous said...

Hoping and praying the market changes soon for you!

NotesFromAbroad said...

Thank you !

Carolyn said...

Our cat was nippy. I had to learn to act like a mama cat. When a kitten needs to be disciplined, mama gives it a quick tap on the nose and hisses at the same time.

This worked for me. I think the hiss may be the important part.

I see house prices in parts of France are down 30%. And the dollar is up vs. the euro! Does that tempt you?

NotesFromAbroad said...

Oh Carolyn, you bad girl .. yes, I am tempted.

I tap her on the nose .. my last cat rarely needed it as a kitten and was really the best of cats .. this little monster tests me every day. But I am totally in love with her, love bites and all.
I will try the hiss next time , thank you :)

Barbara said...

Could someone take your little cat for a couple of days. After the awful winter we've all endured our patience for some warm days seems like it will never get here. Do you have a friend you could visit to get what sounds like a much needed break.

Hang in there, I wish you many better days ahead.

Barb (some snow on my patio this morning - ugh!!!)

NotesFromAbroad said...

Barbara, No, no cat sitters .. if there were, I would have done so.
I just have to have patience, someone will buy the house and Minette and I will move South.

Anonymous said...

Hee hee standard kitty behavior!
My cat Casey loved me to death but he was like a spoiled 2 year old too. If I was chatting with the neighbor and not playing with him while in yard, he would attack my bare ankles and scratch and bite!! Vet told me to throw him in the house when he did this.
My husband likes to remind me that if Casey cat had been bigger, he probably would have tried to eat me. "Domestic" cats are not far removed from wild cats. They are only two generations removed!

NotesFromAbroad said...

Anony, Minette might be like Casey .. she already takes a few bites ... some call them Love Bites, I call them Painful lol

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