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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Could be fattening

It is cold and grey and gloomy out.
The kitten took a  look around, muttered something under her breath  and went back to bed.
Mind you, this is after she woke me at 6 am .. she takes naps... I don't.
Pretty soon I will be going to bed at 8 pm .. or I will curl up in the crate and she can just run amok, I think I don't care anymore.

During the winter, the town salted the roads .. if you will recall, it started snowing sometime in November, I think it was and it just stopped a month or so ago. Not non-stop but just when it was all gone, a fresh new layer appeared the next morning.

And you know what ? I didn't care.

I had nowhere to go and no one to see.
Nothing I had to do.
And if I forgot something, I can do it tomorrow.

The snow is gone, the neighbor is having work done on her property where it meets the road, where all those chemicals ate up her grass and she has this rich green yard and a brown stripe at the road.
So do I .
Same grass, same snow, same chemicals.
But I don't know anybody who works for the town and fixes things for free. bummer.

So the realtor put a sign out and cars go by, veerrry sloowly .. I hope they aren't just slow drivers.
Let's hope this makes things happen very fast !
I want to get going ..
I was thinking this morning  of all the things that have to be done when a person moves, especially when it is out of State.
Not quite as complicated as out of the country but this is the first time I will be doing it all by myself.
My husband loved planning these things, he did it so well, I sat back and enjoyed it .. times changed.
I want those old times back !!

I figured I will get estimates from three big moving companies.
Allied Van Lines
If they can take the car, that would be so great, I could fly down with the kitten and wait ..
As it is now, I am driving down with the kitten and my daughter who is flying up here in order to drive back down .... she absolutely won the Best Daughter Award for this one.

I am boggled by the logistics of everything so I kind of blank out and go eat a cookie when I start getting too anxious. This might be a fattening move.

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