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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bees and I

So, Bees and I , we don't get along.
I see a Bee, my heart rate increases, they know it, they come after me, they sting me, I swell up, stop breathing and die.

So we avoid each other as much as possible.

I shop all the time at an organic farm market. They have greenhouses and gardens outside and amazing fresh baked goods ( today was scones with cranberries and chocolate chips... yes, they were so good someone had to go back and buy another one, you know  .. just in case)
They are about the size of a large saucer .. fat ... not too dry .. very crumbling when eating one with one hand while driving.
I have to go vacuum the car.

I walked to the back of the market where the greenhouses are,  to see if they had any fresh flowers for the house .. cheer it up a bit.
I walked in and there were two  people working, putting out pots of beautiful blue Hydrangeas.
Not good for my house - poisonous - kittens, bad combo.

The girl that worked there talked to me for a minute and we sort of chatted about kittens and plants when I realized that I was standing right in the middle of a very busy mass of Honey Bees.
And here is the magical part to me ... I didn't get scared.
My heart rate did not increase.
They buzzed around so busy and so happy and I just chatted with the store girl and discussed kittens and poisonous flowers/plants and then I noted that for the first time since I was a small child, I was standing in a room full of Bees and not only was I not afraid, it was almost soothing.

There was a calm to the atmosphere, the busy Bees, the humming/buzzing busy-ness of them .. the warmth of the sun coming in through all those panes of glass .. I kind of didn't want to leave.

When I did, I still felt calm and comforted ... I will still probably freak out if I see a Bee in the yard and I know to avoid  Wasps at any cost but the Honey Bee has ceased to be my enemy ..
I won't say we are friends but I will say that I had a moment of complete calm peacefulness standing in that room, full of sunshine and flowers and Bees ..


  1. That's awesome, I would say it was a God wink!

  2. What a lovely thing to call it ! yes.. it was :)

  3. Blue hydrangeas - so beautiful. As for my toe, huge and red from a red wasp sting, well, I thought of posting a picture of it, but couldn't. My sister wants me to go to the doctor to have it seen, and I told her, that's why I sent her a picture of it. If it gets any more miserable, I may just chop it off in a fit. As for the red wasps, I'm going on the warpath.

  4. donna baker, get em !! what nerve, stinging you on your toe !! oh what pain !!

  5. What a nice experience, to be surrounded by beautiful blue flowers and happy bees.

    Bees are workaholics and usually won't bother you since they are always on a mission.

  6. Carolyn, it really was and I was sad my husband couldn't see me .. I am very allergic to bee stings so I panic when they get too close. For some reason, I guess I was lulled into a peaceful place by their busy bee-ness :)


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