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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Where I am and Where I Want To Be

I live in "Upstate"  New York.
A little over 2 hours north of New York City aka  Manhattan..
Mecca for all who want to be cool, rich, famous and or just live somewhere Fabulous .. or as someone I love  says.. Frabulous.

My husband was born there , went to school there, worked there and best of all, met me there.

I think it was the second week that I was living there when we met.
Things happened quickly back then ..

Arrive in NYC .. check

Get Haircut ... check

Meet Husband to be ... check

Go Home to Visit Mother ..check

Tell her I met the man I want to marry. . check

Go back to NYC .. Marry that man... check

Live Happily Ever After ... check !

We used to come up here every Fall .. apple picking with the children, Autumn weekends for a romantic getaway, staying in an old Inn, ( The Beekman Arms, oldest Inn in North America) eating in a fabulous small French restaurant that rivaled some of those posh overpriced places in the City.

The Beekman Arms

Taking the children to the Aerodrome where we watched them fly antique airplanes and do stunts ..
picking apples and choosing pumpkins for Halloween. 

Going to Olana, the home of the artist Frederick Church.
I am going there this week .. I need to take those short walks in the past and I will see some beautiful paintings in the setting of the artists home.
Maybe the gardens will be waking up too .. although more snow is forecast .. good god when will it end ...
Olana ..

When I lost my husband, I wanted to leave here .. It was too painful to be here without him, I was afraid of everything and I was so alone.

I am still alone although I sort of know more people but I am more comfortable and confident again.
And I am thinking , if I can sell this house and move into something smaller, warmer and cozy, why not stay here ?
All the reasons we moved here, are still here ... my husband is gone but the place remains.
So maybe, I will too.

Or I will give in to the call to Go South ..

Tara ... is that you ?


  1. Well, Vivian, everything isn't about the weather .
    A "perfect" spot is usually not all that perfect but one that calls to a person in some way.
    We will see what happens but I am hopeful that whatever the outcome is .. I hope I will be where I want to be :)

  2. Perfect would be to live in the North in the summer and the South in the winter. Some people actually do that. My grandmother did since she had a child and grandchildren in each place.

    Hope you find your perfect places.

  3. Anony, they are called Snowbirds .. those people that go South in the winter. NY is full of snowbirds :)

  4. I am a "snowbird" living in Central NY...only a few hours from you and much like your countryside with Highland cattle and corn fields. It is a great idea! Just to have something to look forward to in the winter sure can give you a boost.It is truly beautiful here during the other 3 seasons and the start of winter is OK for me but it sure can get old fast.
    Hope your plans fall into place and you are happy where ever you settle.

  5. I would love to be a Snowbird .. instead of Florida, I like the idea of spending the USA winter in Buenos Aires where it is Summer. yeah .. that's the ticket !


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