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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Today is just beautiful ...

Boy, today is just beautiful. Gorgeous.
The sky is that light winter blue .. sparkling .. not a cloud in sight.
The sun is bright and coming in the windows and of course, there is a kitten, unconscious in the middle of a patch of sun on the carpet ... touch her, she is so hot ! touch her, she purrs.

I made a few things today for the weekend guests so I will spend a minimum of time in the kitchen.
I want to enjoy every minute, they have not been up for a few weeks .. I have been lonely .. Minette wants to know where is her baby ? I have told the realtor, no lookers this weekend, it is my Birthday weekend and no one is going to intrude.

I have no more pistachios or bird seed.
( chipmunks and birds)

So I have resorted to putting peanut butter on whole wheat crackers for the chipmunks .. they like it.
That one little chipmunk who naps on the wall edging outside my living room window .. tiny perfect little creature .. I love them.

I think I will go to the Hardware store and buy some bird seed and whatever I can find that chipmunks like  .. besides Skippy Peanut butter.
When I move, they are going to miss me.
I will be fondly spoken of in Chipmunk circles as the Peanut Butter Lady.

There are other people who do kind things for animals. They are always my heros ..
like this fellow ..
She was stuck on a rock.

I walked around the garden .. there is a huge amount of repair work to do .. many many tree limbs down, too big for me to move. In the front, a snow plow ran into my little New England Stone Wall.
It is mostly still a wall but there are stones here and there and it is just too cold to go out there and fix it but that is one of the things on my To Do list ... fix the wall... feed the birds ... feed the chipmunks.. Make sure the Pool house window shutters are firmly closed ... someone ( bird / squirrel/ raccoon) spent the winter in there .. fine with me. When it is warm enough not to need it, I will fix the shutters.

I have to go somewhere . It is so pretty out.   Hopefully I won't come across any trapped sheep.


  1. You are moving south?

    Linda :o)

  2. I had little chickmonks (that is what my daughter called them when she was young, so that is what they will forever be) at my old house. I used to love to watch their little cheeks fill up! Mine used to love squirrel food and peanuts in the shell.
    I hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend!


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