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Friday, March 20, 2015

My Minette

Just about a year ago .. right after my birthday ... I went to Animalkind in Hudson NY.
I just thought I would look.
I walked in and there were all these tiny kittens and all these needy little creatures and I went home crying.

A couple of weeks later, I went back. I was ready this time.
I walked in and there were no cats .. it was quiet, they said that there were no kittens but one and I turned and looked and there was the tiniest blue kitten.. with huge yellow eyes .. she fit in my hand.

I opened the door to her room and she just walked out and looked at me ... as if to say , Come on Mama, let's go home.
So we did.

I cry writing about it.

I was just so incredibly sad in those days. There are still days where I think I can't even get out of bed.
But then I hear this creaky rusty little meow and she jumps onto the bed and starts purring  and walks on my head and sometimes, if it is way too early, she will curl up between my shoulder and my ear and go back to sleep. I usually do too.

She is the tiniest thing but she makes her presence known.
She dashes through the house, leaps onto window sills to see the birds, sits in the kitchen window and watches the birds, roams the house looking for a squeaky toy or me or a bird.
She rules the house and I am her devoted slave.

I go out and run errands but hate to leave her.
I don't stay out very long usually.
Of course when I get home she is 1- sitting by the sliding glass doors watching birds 2- sleeping.

Today I just lay down on the floor ... just to see what she would do.
She didn't like it much, it bothered her, why was I lying on the floor ? what was I doing ??
So she walked around on me for a minute then curled up at my throat and lay there purring.
Hey~ if mama wants to lie here, so will I.

So we are celebrating our birthdays together this year .. because her life really started when she came home with me .. my Minette.


  1. Fab post!

    Take a look at the NY Post and the story of the lamb:

    Happy Birthday to both of you.


  2. Phil, forget about the dog, I want a lamb !
    I am posting that .. too good not to share. Thank you SO much for sharing with me :)

  3. OMG Candice, how did I miss this! Minette pics are delightful - and although familiar with her story and adoption, I love hearing it all over again! I'm so happy you have Minette, and I just know she made the right choice when she chose you my dear. Double happy birthday again.

    Love to you both - Mary

  4. Thank you Mary ! I sort of feel that Minette and I saved each other ..


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