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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

No More Sad Stories

So ... my birthday is coming soon .. in like .... 5 days.
I will have company for the weekend .. that is good.
Nothing like a little munchkin to ease the transition  ...

I went to the market and bought all kinds of foods .. sweets and salty things ..
I will make a pasta dish that everyone likes and put it in the freezer so this weekend I don't have to cook.

I plan on spending as much time as possible playing with the little one.
Who has not seen me in a few weeks .. I wonder if he misses me ..

Poor Minette will be banished, someone thinks she might do something ...someone forgot that they grew up with cats .. and lived to tell the tale.
But as far as I can tell, Minette does not hold a grudge so she will just get lots of extra snuggles when we are alone again.

This morning I got my face washed .. she tried to do something with my hair but we had to call a halt to that when she got sort of tangled up in it and I imagined having to go to the hair salon and ask them if they could get this cat out of my hair.

So the rest of the afternoon will be spent ... cooking Saturday night dinner ... going through closets .. looking at houses online ... taking a nap with a kitten .. (it's her idea, every afternoon she thinks I should take a nap with her, I hate to say no to her.)

And last but not least .. I will not read any more news stories or animal sad stories , just fictional detective stories or a mystery ...
Did I mention it is about -12 with wind chill up here today ?
Yeah ... and someone said why do you want to go to Florida ..

Here are some photos, unrelated to anything .. just because I like them.

    (this is a video .. very very cute)


  1. Have a W O N D E R F U L weekend....
    Birthday weekend that is!
    This was a very funny are soooo funny!
    Linda :o)

  2. Have a wonderful birthday, it is so nice that you get to spend it with your grandchild. far as detective novels...have you read Louise Penny's books, they are great!

  3. I can't read sad stories about animals. I just can't. I end up in tears, and not just a few tears, gut wrenching sobs. There are so many stories that it seems overwhelming.

    Have a beautiful weekend with your family! And afternoon nap with kitty sounds wonderful. I do that with my 2 kitties sometimes.

  4. Linda, thank you :) as my husband would say, Don't encourage her !

    La V--I think I read a Louise Penny a long time ago, thank you, I will see if I can find another one.

    Mary, I know.. I cry even when there are happy endings. And I torture myself by going to that website where they rescue dogs then at the end the dogs are adopted and happy- why do I do that to myself ??

    The Kitten thinks when I lie down next to her it is time to pounce on my head .. she is still too young. I am the old cat that likes to nap :)

  5. It's nice to have a visit to look forward to.

    Happy birthday in advance. Will your family take you out to dinner somewhere special to celebrate?


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